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No '80s jeans for Tessa

January 31, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
This morning I was getting Tessa ready to go to daycare. Like every morning, I put together all her clothes to wear for the day and then wait for her to have something to say about what I picked out for her. And of course she did. But today really took me by surprise and still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Today I was sure that things would go smoothly and she would get dressed quickly for me because I picked out one of her favorite shirts, Norway Knights T-shirt and sweatshirt, and just a pair of jeans. Everything was fine until she saw the jeans. She tells me I’m not wearing those — they are from the ‘80s. My response was, “What did you say?” because I know I must have heard her wrong.

Tessa replies, “Mom those are from the ‘80s, I’m not wearing them. Quit picking out things you wore when you were little. Those are hideous!”

So someone please tell me where the heck would a four-year-old get that from. Yes, I do admit they do kind of look like they resemble a pair of my jeans from “back in the day,” you know the really light washed denim that almost looks white. But she is only four and I don’t recall her watching “The Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink,” or “Sixteen Candles.”

I did try to reason with her (as I was trying to hold back my smile), saying we just bought them and they were new. But she still insisted everyone one would make fun of her jeans. She demanded they go right into the rummage sale bag.

I also told her maybe everyone would say “Oh Tessa I really like your jeans.”

She said, “Ya only old people like you, not my friends.”

So she won. I guess I will be adding them to the bag.

Just makes you wonder how they store this kind of information and use it at the appropriate times.



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