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A happy ending

February 19, 2013 - Marguerite Lanthier
So I discovered my iPod missing five days after the last time I remembered seeing it (a Thursday). I thought I had put it in my purse. But when I looked in my purse to charge it, it wasn’t there. Then you have the ‘where did I see it last?’ moment. And the ‘did I take it out over the weekend and forget?’ moment. You try to retrace your steps in your mind. Okay I know I had it at bowling because I remember charging it. Did I throw it in my purse? Maybe — but it wasn’t there later. Did I leave it in my bowling bag along the three key chains I received as bowling awards? Looked — key chains were there but no iPod. Not in my desk or on my desk at work. In the couch? Under the cushions? Under the couch? No, no, no. My pants pocket? No. In coat pocket? No. In the car? No. Check again. No. Remove the extra clothes from ski tournaments and check again. Still no. Check one more time really carefully, head almost to the floor to see under the seats. No. Ask friend to check at her house. And she would have, but instead I received a text saying someone had found it imbedded in the ice in the parking lot of a bar I was at the night it disappeared. I can now vaguely remember taking in the bar with me — which I usually don’t do. It’s so nice to get something returned to you when you thought you might never see it again. While my story is not as much a Hallmark moment as someone receiving a lost wedding ring years later, it was a happy ending for me.



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