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Boodini Strikes Again

August 4, 2009 - Theresa Proudfit
In Boo's early years she had a canine friend, Sammy Jo Cowling. She was a beautiful German short hair and she was Thai Boo's best friend. Her human mother, Jodi,  would bring her over to play and we would often take the dogs for runs together. They had a blast romping and running and getting into mischief.  Sammy was a couple years older then Boo so she knew a few tricks. One day Jodi and I were in the living room watching "24" and we noticed the dogs were being really quiet. We peeked into the dining room and witnessed Sammy Jo sneaking treats from the treat box and bringing them over to Boo. We laughed so hard our belly's hurt. The next day I noticed Boo stealing treats from the box.  Sammy taught Boo plenty.  Another play date for the dogs was on card night.  I had a few girls over to play smear and the dogs were getting restless in the house so we chained them outside for awhile. We set it up so their chains wouldn't reach each and they couldn't get tangled or hurt. At first they were barking at squirrels and causing a commotion but shortly after it was quiet.  We went out to check and at the end of the two chains were two empty collars. Both dogs wiggled their way out and were running loose in the neighborhood. That's when they got their nicknames Sammy Copperfield and Boodini. That is also when I switched Boo from a collar to a harness.  Sammy passed away a couple years back and I know Boo misses her terribly. She never found a better friend and I haven't seen any of Boo's magic tricks since Sammy left us.  So, anyway, Boo has been pretty ticked off at me since her surgery. She wants to run and play ball and that's a big NO. Not for a few months yet. Short walks on a leash for another couple months that's it.  But as soon as I get her in the harness and out they door she heads for the river where she can run around free and splash in the water. I say "NO! we are not going that way today". She generally will pull a little and then give in. So last week I think she just about had it with the new rules. We headed out on our walk and she tugged to go toward the river. I said "No" were going this way.  Well faster then Harry Houdini himself she pulled the harness over her head and one foot at a time walked out of her confinement.  Sammy Copperfield would have been proud. I was not impressed. Maybe a little dazzled by the maneuver but shocked by the attitude. Still I laughed so hard my belly hurt and I missed spending time Sammy Jo and Jodi.


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