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New Arrested Development rewards repeat viewers

June 17, 2013 - Nikki Younk
Three weeks ago, we were graced with the presence of 15 new Arrested Development episodes.

It had been more than seven years since the cult TV show was cancelled after a meager three seasons. Anticipation for the series’ return reached a fever pitch, at least among diehard fans.

So, does the new season live up to the expectations?

If you listen to many reviewers out there, you might get the idea that the new episodes are kind of a disappointment. Some reviewers even go as far to say that the season ruins the show’s legacy.

I keep hearing that viewers don’t appreciate:

1. That each episode focuses on one character instead of the ensemble cast. (We like them better together! Some characters aren’t strong enough to carry their own episodes!)

2. The non-linear format. (I’m confused! It’s too hard to follow!)

Frankly, I’m quite surprised at the reactions. I think the new season is both innovative and hilarious.

Since we see the same events from different characters’ perspectives in different episodes, the season is kind of like a puzzle. A puzzle you can only see clearly once you’ve watched all 15 episodes. You have to work a little harder to understand things, but the rewards of figuring out what is going on are worth it.

Furthermore, I guarantee that even after you’ve watched the whole season, you’ve still missed a ton of jokes. That’s not a bad thing. It simply allows for endless re-watching. I’ve watched the season three times now, and I’m still picking up on things.

Arrested Development — it’s the gift that keeps giving.



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