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NSA can't search NSA's emails

July 24, 2013 - Chris Tomassucci
Since Edward Snowden gave us a peek at their technical capabilities, we all know what the NSA can do when it comes to surveillance. They can search through nearly every phone call, text message and email that exists (!) to find the intelligence pertinent to the investigation they’re working on.

If they’re trying to stop a terrorist cell from carrying out an attack, they have no problem literally combing through almost everything to find what they need.

With that in mind then, how ridiculous does the following statement sound coming from NSA Freedom of Information Act officer Cindy Blacker?

Responding to a request from ProPublica reporter Justin Elliott for emails between NSA employees and employees of the National Geographic Channel over a specific time period, Blacker actually said the NSA’s system for accessing emails is “a little antiquated and archaic.”

"There's no central method to search an email at this time with the way our records are set up," Blacker continued.

What? NSA has no central method to search an email? That is just patronizing.

If NSA doesn’t want their in-house emails to be searched through by a reporter because they contain information they don’t necessarily want made public, they should at least have to come out and say it.

Let's agree they’ve lost the ability to pretend they’re not technically capable of it though.



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