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Worse than slavery?

September 5, 2013 - Jim Anderson
Slavery was evil, Ted Nugent says, but not as bad government spending to fight poverty.

Word of honor, I’m hardly paraphrasing at all.

On the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream speech,” Nugent claimed in a WND column that the Great Society programs of the 1960s have amounted to a “War on Black America.”

“While the strains of institutional racism have faded into our nation’s past, Dr. King’s dream of economic equality remains unfulfilled for many black Americans who remain mired in poverty,” Nugent writes.

“Just one year after Dr. King delivered his memorable speech, President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society began a systematic and engineered welfare juggernaut that would do more damage, cause more harm and become responsible for more destruction to black America than the evils of slavery and the KKK combined,” Nugent continues.


Did I miss something, or did that bait pile ace just say Medicare is less honorable than the KKK?

Good grief. Mitt Romney, Tommy Thompson (and others) were hot for this guy’s endorsement?

Anyway, here’s what Nugent goes on to say.

“Prior to the Great Society’s liberal-engineered campaign to wreak untold havoc on black America, black Americans enjoyed a divorce rate lower than white Americans, illegitimacy rates were less than 10 percent, abortion rates were low, high school drop out rates were low, and gangland violence in black communities was virtually non-existent. Tragically today those numbers are the exact opposite.”

Count me among the newly informed. Who knew Jim Crow times were so idyllic. (Nugent’s statistical claims are questionable, too. For one, the homicide death rate for black Americans is now lower than in 1950.)

Granted, there are disagreements today on government policy.

But what’s a more evil and perverse institution than slavery? Food stamps? Maybe Nugent wants to go with that as the cause of the downfall of Rome, too.

Ted, the reincarnation gods want to know.

Do you want to be born into a random “black America” family in 2013 (about a one in four chance of receiving food stamps), or do you prefer taking your first breaths in the bowels of an 1800s U.S.-bound slave ship?

Oh, wait, guess you’ve already decided.



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