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Answer the phone

September 13, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
Time for a few random observations and comments.

— If vending machines and business telephones must have non-humans talking to us, let’s be real. The voices should at least sound human. If my call was really important to you, a human would answer the phone. And come on, if you just “stepped away from your desk,” you would call back.

Just answer the phone.

— Niagara Centennial musical entertainment was the topic of conversation at home the other day. We talked about bands. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a few local groups reunited on stage again? To me, City Limits, Miles Sparks, Rock Slide, Night Train, Tumbling Dice, et cetera, would be a superb show. I realize reunions would be impossible for some groups (deaths, relocations), but a close facsimile would be better than nothing.

Just dreaming.

— Admittedly, I’m no technogeek when it comes to autos. I like carbs and timing over electronic fuel injection and computers. I get in, turn the key and go. Tooling around in a new city (larger than Milwaukee) the other day, I had a chance to drive a (rented) 2013 vehicle. It didn’t have a key. It had a remote button to open the doors, and a button on the dash to start the motor. It had a dashboard screen, but I didn’t bother to learn or care about a talking map. My better half and I turned to a good radio station and we learned our way around the city the old fashioned way — by getting lost.

It was great fun.



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