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Oh hi, movie viewers

January 13, 2010 - Nikki Younk
The movie award season is upon us. The People’s Choice Awards was last week. We have the Golden Globe Awards next week. The Academy Awards will be in March. Plenty of fine movies will receive awards for their excellence...

...and, I really don’t care. Good movies are boring. Bring on the bad acting, dialogue, special effects, and cheesiness.

I’ve been a big fan of bad movies for a long, long time. I don’t want to devote yet another post to my worship of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but viewing that TV show was probably what hooked me. From that point on, I would relish watching Lifetime’s overly-dramatic made-for-tv movies and Syfy’s primitive science fiction films.

I’ve seen the classics like “Manos: The Hands of Fate,” which fails in nearly every category from acting to plot to dialogue to cinematography to editing, and “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” which was famous for starring Bela Lugosi-even though he died during the film’s production and had to be replaced by some dude with a cape over his face.

I’ve even seen the not-so-famous, like the Lifetime staples “She’s Too Young” (about sexually transmitted disease), “Too Young to Be a Dad” (self-explanatory), and “Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life” (about a teen boy’s pornography addiction).

However, nothing in my experience prepared me for the monstrosity that is...”The Room.”

If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. “The Room” is a movie so bad, you would swear that it’s a hoax. Really, you wouldn’t believe that someone meant for this movie to be sincere.

The plot is a nonsensical combination of a love triangle, an affair, a drug deal gone bad, breast cancer, and throwing a football around while wearing a tuxedo. I’m not kidding. Add to that some worse-than-soap-opera acting, bizarre dialogue, and a leading man with an indeterminate accent, and you have “The Room.”

For the evidence, check out the rooftop scene on Youtube. Main character Johnny comes into the scene vehemently arguing with no one in particular about how he did nahhhhht hit his fiancee Lisa. Upon seeing his friend Mark, Johnny completely drops his train of thought and says “Oh hi, Mark” in that accent of his. It’s comic gold, I tell you.

I’m not the only one with a “The Room” obsession. Apparently, the film is rather popular as a midnight movie in southern California and in college towns across the country. The movie also enjoyed an unplanned screening on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim last April Fool’s Day, courtesy of pranksters Tim and Eric.

For anyone who has further interest in “The Room,” I’d recommend It’s good for a few laughs.


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