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Pro choice and proud of it

March 29, 2010 - Nikki Younk
After reading so many ‘Letters to the Editor’ and ‘Speak Outs’ about Stupak and abortion recently, I’ve decided to use this blog to post my own opinion. Mine is not likely to be popular here in the U.P., but here I go...

I am strongly pro-choice. According to many pro-lifers, that means I’m pro-death or pro-abortion. Not so. I’m not encouraging women to abort their fetuses, I just believe the choice should exist.

A lot of people are opposed to abortion because of religion. That’s fine. If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. (as the bumper stickers say...) Just don’t expect every other American to share your beliefs. We have a diverse collection of people in this country and we should all be entitled to our own beliefs, even if they are not “Christian.” Yes, the Founding Fathers may have been Christians, but we’re not talking about history. America has evolved into a melting pot and our legislation should reflect that.

Women will have abortions regardless of what the law says. Imagine that a woman you know is considering abortion. Maybe the conception was unplanned—failed birth control, broken condom, etc. Maybe she was raped. Maybe her health would be compromised by pregnancy. Maybe it doesn’t matter what her reasoning is. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your mother/wife/daughter/aunt/niece/friend undergo a safe, regulated, and legal procedure?

I can understand people who complain that they don’t want their federal tax dollars to fund abortions. Ok, you have a point. However, I don’t want my federal tax dollars to fund war. Too bad for me. It’ll happen anyway.

So, where am I supposed to turn for a U.S. Representative this fall? I’ve never agreed with Stupak’s pro-life agenda. I’m not too fond of any of the Republican candidates who have stepped up so far.

Sadly, my only pro-choice candidate, Connie Saltonstall, happens to be from downstate.

It’s going to be a tough decision.

I don’t expect many, or even any, of you to agree with me. I’ve said my piece, now feel free to say yours.


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