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One more nibute

April 26, 2010 - Ron Deuter
For two and a half years old my son Jake is doing really well with language and speaking. Not a day goes by when he’ll say some word or sentence I had no idea he even knew.

What’s really funny is when he says things that aren’t totally correct, but you can understand his logic for saying them the way he does.

As an example, he’ll see a toy on the ground that belongs to his baby sister and say, “That’s baby Allison’s toy.” Or if he sees my phone on the table, he’ll say, “That’s daddy’s phone.”

But then if he sees something that belongs to him he’ll say, “That’s mine’s car.” Or he’ll ask, “Is that mine’s juice?”

Another funny one is understanding the difference between who and what. We had a friend over the night, and Jake looked at him and then looked at me and asked, “Daddy, what is that?”

Then there are the simple mispronunciations that crack you up. Whenever it’s time for Jake to go take a bath or go to bed, we usually give him a two-minute warning. We’ll tell him he has two minutes until bedtime. Then we’ll inform him he has one minute to bedtime.

He knows this routine, so sometimes if you even mention bedtime, he’ll quickly reply, “Two more minute! Two more minute!” Then when we get up and tell him it’s time, he’ll say, “One more nibute! One more nibute!”

We can’t figure out why he says minute correctly with two more minutes but changes it to nibute for one more minute, but it sure is funny.


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