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A tip on tipping

June 24, 2010 - Ron Deuter
I overheard a local pizza delivery driver, when asked by a friend how much he was just tipped on a delivery to group of teenagers to a park, say he received 11 cents as a gratuity.

“It’s no big deal,” the driver continued. “I’ve been on 14 deliveries today and have been stiffed on nine of them.”

Really? More than half of the people this guy drove pizzas to couldn’t even come up with a buck or two for the effort? It’s bad enough to be a poor tipper, but no tip at all - that’s just ignorant.

Here’s a tip for all you non-tippers out there. I realize actually brushing the cheetos off your shirt and getting off the sofa to answer the door for the pizza guy is probably a great sacrifice on your part to begin with, but consider this:

If you can’t afford an extra couple of bucks for the service, perhaps you shouldn’t be ordering out in the first place. If that $10 pie is busting more than just your waistline, you best head to the store for the cheaper frozen variety. That big square-shaped thing in the room where you keep your Busch Light cold does actually heat up and cook stuff.

In the case of this particular driver, he didn’t seem all that upset, almost like he expects that sort of treatment. That’s too bad.

I used to tend bar part time when I first moved up here, and I can attest to lousy tippers. Many a time I had customers who would down one after the other for a long while and leave nothing but a loose quarter or two behind when they left.

Hey guess what? Next time you come in and I’m the least bit busy, guess who’s waiting the longest for their suds and each subsequent refill and never, ever getting one on the house?

In the instance of having someone make me food and personally bring it to my house, I’d be worried if I were a chronic no-tipper that my food was of the highest quality and prepared with the utmost care. You don’t think the pizza joint remembers you when you call again?

If nothing else, put yourself in the shoes of the person providing you with the service and think about how you would feel.


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