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Too much stress

September 9, 2010 - Marguerite Lanthier

Many people think we are living in the most stressful era. But is that really the case? Are things really more stressful or we just stressing over more things?
Is my house nice enough? Are my kids going to get playing time on the basketball team? Am I popular? Are my kids? Are people thinking things I don’t agree with? Will people like this blog?
We seem to worry about a lot of things that we can’t do anything about and aren’t that important anyway. Are we making our lives more stressful than need be? The other night I couldn’t sleep. Random worries kept popping into my head. But they really weren’t things I needed to keep myself awake over.
People are really stressed today though, but I don’t think it’s more stressful to live today than any other times.
Some might argue that today’s threats of terrorism makes living in America more stressful now. Is that really the case? How many people have been killed by terrorists compared to dying in car accidents or from diseases? Do you think it was less stressful for people who moved out West in the 1800s and had to fear attacks from Indian tribes?
What about the economy. Yeah it sucks. Many people are out of work. But even with the bad economy, we are generally better off today than people were in the past. Talk to people who lived through the Depression. That was probably a pretty stressful time too.
Death. Yes we haven’t found a way around it. It’s still there. It keeps getting further and further away from the time of birth, but it’s still there.
Well, there’s the Swine Flu pandemic? It could really hit hard. I think I’d rather take my chances with the Swine Flu today than with the Black Death from the 14th century.
So next time you’re feeling anxious. Think about it. Will stressing over it help? Instead, take a few deep breaths. Relax. Have a drink. Talk to a friend or your favorite bartender. Stop and smell the roses.
Unless you’re one of those people who just like to have stress in your life — than no one can help you.


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