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Just like Europe

September 16, 2010 - Blaine Hyska

I like Europe.

My ancestors are from Europe, my country has strong allies in Europe. They’re nice people.

I don’t, however, want to become Europe. If I wanted to live as Europeans live, I’d move there.

I have no desire to even visit.

It seems to me the current trend in Washington is to do as the Europeans do.

People in Europe don’t drive as much as Americans. They have bicycles, buses and trains.

That’s OK, but I enjoy driving and take pleasure in believing that many other Americans also enjoy the open road.
It’s a true American tradition. Take a trip, eat at a no-name diner — sounds like fun to me. I’ve still got a couple states to visit.

Most Europeans don’t hunt. I think hunting (and fishing) is a worthwhile pastime. It should be enjoyed by young, old, male and female.
Owning a gun or two is not a sin.

Castles aside, most Europeans live in small homes, or flats. When they move, they take their kitchens with them.

They wear sweaters because heating fuel costs so much.

I’m a spoiled American, raised in a large, old farmhouse.
I like a home with some space, and a deck where I can grill a steak, some brats, or hamburgers.

With as many forests and as much natural gas as America has, everyone should be able to keep warm in winter.

Europe is great, but America is greater, much greater. We used to be the leaders of the world.

That is something our lawmakers in Washington have forgotten. Is it any wonder why so many people are demanding change?



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