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Needs fine tuning

October 14, 2010 - Blaine Hyska
You have to love political season.

There’s an attack ad for every candidate.

Americans continue to say that they dislike attack ads, but election results show they work. The candidate with the best (or most vicious) attack ad is elected.

Voters could change that, if they wished.

And we wonder why there is bullying in schools; texting bullying; and social network bullying. Gee, I wonder where they learn it?

Actually, all those political ads could disappear if we started government-supported political campaigns.

That idea has been floated, but has never gotten very far.

Americans don’t want to pay for a politician’s campaign, but we’re doing it anyway. Special interest money from the left and right flows to get their candidates elected.

Guess who these candidates listen to after the election. It’s not the people, they listen to the groups that got them elected.

If Joe Dokes gave a few thousand dollars to get a candidate elected, don’t you think that candidate would answer Mr. Dokes’ phone call?

Then, there are special tax breaks for this group, special grants for that group, and new regulations to please those who helped the lawmakers.

Don’t get me wrong. Our democracy is the best in the world. I just believe it needs some fine tuning.



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