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Election messages = garbage

October 25, 2010 - Linda Lobeck
I believe in the election process and the importance of every registered voter getting out having a say in who is elected. This is an important part of our democratic society as we elect everyone, from our city and county officials all the way up to president of the United States. But the older I get, the less tolerant I feel about the tactics that are used in all campaigns. Every suppertime for the past 2-3 months we get phone calls interrupting us asking us questions for polls as well as pre-recorded messages from candidates and those who support the candidates. I’m finding it hard to remain open-minded to such interruptions daily as well as the calls that are left on my answering machine. They are very impersonal and I wonder if they have any impact on how someone is going to vote? The messages aren’t even about the candidate that they support, but rather reasons why the other candidate can’t be trusted. Negativity is a big turnoff for me and I usually don’t listen to that information — I tune it out rather than use it as a valuable piece of information. Then there are the ads you see on the television that get so nasty and are insulting to the voter to have to view. Every day, I open my mailbox to a multitude of glossy two-sided election messages. It’s too bad they are wasting their money on this type of election advertising, because I walk straight to the garbage and toss it out. I do not take the time or have the desire to read it. I have seen some decent ads in The Daily News that are simple and I’m more likely to read. I try and stay away from those things that are in any form of media that insult my intelligence. What ever happened to just sticking to the issues? A co-worker and I were talking last week about this very issue and we agreed that we would almost vote for any candidate that didn’t engage in these negative messages. It was more refreshing during the primary phase of the election process when I actually had a chance to meet a candidate or their representative as they went door-to-door. I found it refreshing to see this kind of grassroots campaigning. I’m sure any candidate can justify keeping up with their opponents and spending all this money on negative messages. But for this one registered voter, it’s not working!



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