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October 26, 2010 - Marguerite Lanthier
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I like to dress up, but my costumes aren’t really very normal and sometimes they’re just plain stupid. But they usually get a laugh, which is what I’m going for. I liked last year’s idea — stairway to heaven. It was very original — but I wasn’t happy with the execution. I really should have started making the costume earlier than the day before. I did win some money in a costume contest though. A personal favorite was the beer tree modeled after the trees on the ‘70 children’s show “H.R. Pufnstuf.” I had a cloth body with limbs, fake leaves, beer cans and a few stuffed monkeys holding beer cans (cause you can’t be a beer tree without a few drunk monkeys). Two years ago, I was a crazy cat lady. What really made the costume complete, was the wig I borrowed from my friend that I stuck stuffed cats into. One year I dressed as a patient with a fake butt hanging out of the back of my gown and a Rolling Rock beer bottle as my I.V. One year I was a flasher with a long black coat. Of coarse I had to have something to flash and it certainly wasn’t going to be any part of my body, so I used a stuffed animal with large feet. I cut a hole in a t-shirt with only the feet sticking out. It got a lot of laughs. One year we decided to do a group thing and dress as ‘80s bridesmaids. Very unoriginal and the costume really didn’t work. I just looked like a girl in an ugly dress and two of the girl’s didn’t dress like that anyway. A more original group idea was the year we decided to dress as the four hurricanes. We had A LOT of fun making those costumes too. One year a friend and I decided to dress up with wigs like call girls or something. I looked more like a transvestite. I was a spider one year with coat hangers anchoring my extra arms. Not very easy to move about in that costume — the coat hangers weren’t very flexible. I’m lucky no one was impaled. I has a headless person one year. I think that is still somewhere up in the closet. For Halloween one year in Madison, I simply placed a plastic bag around my hair like a hood. Not really sure what I was going for that year, but I had fun in Madison. This year’s secret costume hasn’t been started yet. But I have a plan and it will be done by Saturday. Whether it turns out the way I want is another story.



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