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Tax cuts ... or spending?

October 29, 2010 - Jim Anderson
In an item published in Thursday’s Daily News, Republican congressional candidate Dan Benishek of Iron River was asked whether another stimulus package is needed to aid the economy.

A portion of his answer follows:

“The first federal stimulus package — containing nearly $1 trillion in spending — failed. Michigan still has a 14 percent unemployment rate.  A better way to aid the economy would be for Congress to cut spending, cut taxes, and cut government regulation.” 

In fact, the stimulus bill (as reported by the Congressional Budget Office) provided $626 billion in spending and $236 billion in tax cuts, for a total of $862 billion.

The candidate, in his answer, apparently overlooked the $236 billion in tax cuts and categorized them as spending. He then went on to say that we need tax cuts.

So, which is it? Are tax cuts “spending” or are they part of Benishek’s “better way”?

... Or am I missing something?



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