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Gorilla politics

November 3, 2010 - Jim Anderson
Pollster John Zogby has an interesting take on the election in his Forbes column, “Tea Party Shows Power, But Lacks Finesse.”

The Tea party movement, Zogby says, reminds him of the gorilla that was taught to play golf.

“He could hit his tee shot 400 yards and land it two feet from the pin. Then, Mr. Gorilla hit it another 400 yards. To really succeed, the Tea Party needs to do more than just whack the ball. Politics requires a lot of finesse and knowing when to ease up and put the ball in the hole.”

Zogby points out that the Tea Party’s energy helped Republicans win the House. But the movement also hurt GOP chances of winning the Senate. Extreme/weak Tea Party candidates lost to vulnerable Democrats in the states of Delaware, Nevada and Colorado.

It remains to be seen how much legislation the GOP — and the newly elected Tea Party Congressional members — will be able to put in the cup.

On health care, for instance, ObamaCare need not be dismantled for the GOP to lead the charge for tort reform. After all, we’ve been hearing for a long time how important it is to curb frivolous medical lawsuits.

Already, however, House Republican Leader John Boehner is claiming a voter mandate to roll back ObamaCare, calling it a ‘‘monstrosity” that needs to be repealed. As Boehner prepares to hit the course, that approach channels more “gorilla” than “short game.”

But we shall see.



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