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Skinny on getting thin

March 26, 2009 - Terri Castelaz
I recently received an e-mail from a registered dietician giving the “skinny on getting thin.” Since I have been on a “diet,” I thought it couldn’t hurt to at least read it to see what she had to say. This dietician stated without the proper knowledge your plans to lose pounds could actually make you not only gain weight, but also make you less healthy. I’m not to sure I agree with her on gaining weight and being less healthy. Truly if you are following any kind of diet, fad or not, how does this make you less healthy, especially if your seeing the results on the scale and how your clothes are fitting. I would like to share her eight most common mistakes made by dieters with you readers to see if you agree. Here they are: 1. Not eating enough. “How can this be?” She directs persons that are drastically cutting calories sends their body into starvation mode. The “starving” body actually slows down its metabolism so it can maintain its weight. The trick is to reduce your calories enough to lose weight, but not so much that you negatively affect your metabolism. “OK people tell me how you know what is that ‘right’ amount.” 2. Not exercising. Diet and exercise go together. “I think this one is a no brainer.” 3. Completely cutting out favorite foods. She says no food or drink is so high in calories, fat, or sugar that including it on occasion within overall healthy eating habits is going to cause a problem. “This one I disagree with. Because once I start eating the sugar, I don’t stop. It’s back to well I start this diet again on Monday.” 4. Changing what you eat, but not what you drink. Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are an easy way to load you diet with extra calories. “Yes, true. But what about juices? Orange, cranberry, grape, etc. I always thought this were good for you, being a good vitamin source.” 5. Skipping meals: When you skip meals, your metabolism drops and you may also tend to overeat at your next meal. “This is what researchers say anyway.” 6. Following the latest fad diet. Fad diets are not long-term solutions according to this dietician. “I could go either way on this one.” 7. Taking diet pills. Diet pills don’t teach you how to make long-term, healthy changes, and they don’t build fat-burning muscle. “I have heard there is much saver diet pills on the market now, (haven’t tried them — yet).” 8. Forgetting about your own wants and needs. “Really hard to forget you want or I should say need that chocolate.” Bottom line for me I have to find lifestyle solutions that works for me. Like trying to get more exercise in between taking care of four children and going to work. Also eating healthy, including more fruits and vegetables. But like everyone I’m always looking for a quicker, easier solution. So readers any great advice, besides put down the fork and exercise.


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