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Interesting selection

December 16, 2010 - Blaine Hyska
Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Person of the Year. Zuckerberg’s an interesting selection.

I believe that Time really wanted to name Facebook as its person of the year. Since Facebook is not human, Zuckerberg was the logical second choice.

Facebook is all the rage today. Anyone who’s anyone has a Facebook page, even if it’s dull and boring.

The trouble is, people will still read it. Does that make their lives even more dull and boring?

Facebook, I’m told, started as a social network devoted exclusively for college students. A potential members must have had a valid college e-mail address to join.

What a great way for modern college students to socialize. It would be like for young adults away from home for the first time.

Call me suspicious, but I don’t believe the social networking centered around study groups.

For some, a Facebook page appears to be a race for “friends.” The more the better. With a lot of “friends,” you’re able to broadcast how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking at any moment of any day, even if you’re not thinking about anything.

The best part of Facebook is its popularity. With lots of members, you’re able to search for and communicate with long lost friends. It’s good to reunite with people, look at pictures of them and their families, etc.

The worst part is the games.

Facebook people must have anticipated that members would soon tire of looking at pictures of long lost friends, chatting about the weather, what to wear, or what to eat for lunch.

People are only so interesting.

To keep interest high, Facebook people put games on the site. The games are interactive, and you’re able to trade this and that with your “friends.”

Farmville, Millionaire City, Petville, etc., are now being played by millions of people throughout world, many of them grown adults.

And Facebook has them hooked. Players are at it night and day. No wonder Zuckerberg is Time’s Person of the Year.



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