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O’Reilly does a U-turn

January 5, 2011 - Jim Anderson
I listened to Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points” last night and heard him say this:

“The federal government cannot afford to provide cradle-to-grave entitlements. It cannot afford to run around the world spending billions of dollars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It cannot afford the far-left vision of income redistribution using punitive taxation on business and the affluent. And it can no longer afford to allow foreign citizens to live here without proper documentation. All of this must stop, right now. If we have to fight, let's fight smart. No more Karzais. No more nation building.”

Some of the above is stuff that O’Reilly says all the time.

I’m intrigued, though, by his apparent shift on Afghanistan.

Here’s a portion of my Oct. 5, 2009, blog: (“Who are the radicals”): In his latest column, Bill O’Reilly asks whether President Obama is listening to “the radical left” on the issue of Afghanistan. (“Obama and the far left,” Daily News, Oct. 5). “At first, Obama labeled Afghanistan a ‘war of necessity,’” O’Reilly writes. “Now, he can’t decide whether to honor his commanding general’s request for more troops there. Is Obama listening to the radical left on the issue?”

Sixteen months later, is O’Reilly taking the “radical left” position that it’s best to pull back in Afghanistan?

I doubt that he would concede that. But something has changed.



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