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Facebook fun

January 18, 2011 - Marguerite Lanthier
Like millions of Americans I occasionally go on Facebook. It’s fun to see what people are up to, read their comments and add your own. Why is Facebook intent on making it more than that? They keep making changes that affect our security, because they think they are making things easier for us. Here’s a few of the current things they are considering. You know Facebook already lets you know when people are online, but now they are considering a bathroom setting. This will let your Facebook friends know that you had to run to the toilet during a chat, so they don’t sit there staring at their computers while you are away. In addition to this a new game is being developed for those waiting for you called, “Crap or Get Off The Pot.” It’s a shooter style game where you lob rolls of toilet paper at a little person sitting on a little toilet. If he/she can crap and fill up the toilet before being knocked off the pot, you lose. The spelling setting will automatically correct your spelling, grammar and if it doesn’t like what you said, will change it to something more appropriate. They at Facebook are really sick of all the ‘lols’. Someone from Myspace has developed an application that allows you to change the Facebook heading to a swear in any language. That’s loads of fun and educational too. There’s a setting that will look at your hometown and let you know which restaurants and businesses are close so the advertisers can bombard you with ads (oh wait that one’s already available). My but personal favorite it the one that would allow you to use your curser to click on those ads and send them a message with a large finger in it, followed by a few ha has. Facebook was thinking about a setting that would allow Facebook to share members’ home addresses and mobile numbers with app developers. Facebook thinks this will make your lives easier. It will also make it easier for people to stalk you so it’s win-win. Okay in case you haven’t guessed only the last one is true. Yes Facebook developers were thinking about sharing home addresses and phone numbers with app makers. Glad they changed their minds. But keep an eye open, it still could happen.



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