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Advertisers flee ‘Skins’

January 25, 2011 - Jim Anderson
We have a television in the newsroom, always muted, and always tuned to CNN Headline News during office hours.

In the evening, we turn up the sound, break out the popcorn, and watch “Skins.”

That’s a joke.

But, actually, we do watch snippets of “Skins.” Without the sound. Every time I glance at Headline News, there’s something new about “Skins.”

“Advertisers flee ‘Skins” was the story today. Then they showed “Skins” footage of cheerleaders at practice.

“Skins” is a new show on MTV, adapted from a successful British series. It’s a teen drama/comedy.

Advertisers are fleeing because the show is heavy with flippant themes about sex and drugs. Lots of people are complaining. And, of course, lots of people, including kids, are watching.

“They should just call the show ‘High School Orgy,’” writes Brent Bozell, founder and president of Media Research Center.

From what I’ve seen, “Skins” is slick and sometimes funny. And corrupt. The kids are witty and a tad invincible, even when they mess up horribly. The adults are dim, hopeless caricatures.

Not sure if there’s any redeeming social value in that. Not sure, either, why anyone should take it too seriously, but many sure are.

I suppose if I were an advertiser, I’d shy away from “Skins.”

It is, after all, corrupt. I just wonder if the standard could be made universal.



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