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Cutler, for what it's worth

January 26, 2011 - Ron Deuter
Say what you will about the whole Jay Cutler fiasco. As far as I’m concerned, the guy gets a bad wrap just because he doesn’t please the media. Believe me, I’m not saying he’s one of the great quarterbacks. He’s got a lot of work to do yet to prove that. But if you watched every Bears game this season and saw the beatings Cutler endured, the last thing you’d question is his toughness or will to win.

In the high emotion of the situation Sunday afternoon, it certainly looked terrible for the star QB to be on the sideline. But the truth of the matter is that the guy got hurt at the worst possible time, tried to keep playing but couldn’t at the level needed. End of story. If he would have stayed in the game and not led the Bears to victory, they'd be panning him for being too selfish to sit when he was injured and unable to be effective.

I’m really am sick of all these immature talking heads that make up the sports media. They seem to multiply faster than cockroaches. They idolize winning over everything else. Think back to the lovefest placed on Mike Vick when he started winning this season. Think about the gushing sure to come over Ben Roethlisberger during the next two weeks. One is a convicted felon, and the other probably would be if not for money and influence. It’s sickening.

What has Cutler done, except for not making Johnny Sportswriter feel special and important or smiling more often? Did he kill someone in a DUI? Did he force himself on a college co-ed? Did he abuse drugs? Did he text message a picture of his private part to pretty girl who was not his wife? Did he frequent strip clubs at 3 a.m. with loaded weapons? Is he part of an active sexual assault investigation? Was he an accessory to murder? Did he repeatedly torture and kill animals? The list goes on and on, but the answer is always no.

What Cutler has done is a lot of charitable work that you never heard about because, for one, it doesn’t make for a juicy enough story, and two, he prefers to do it away from the camera. He’s also refused to do any endorsements, saying he was brought to Chicago to win first. That, to me, sounds like a guy with a proper perspective.

While guys like Roethlisberger are out crashing motorcycles and groping young women at the club, Cutler is maintaining control over his Type 1 diabetes and working big time behind the scenes to raise money for research and educate kids with the disease.

I agree, things might be easier for Cutler if he portrayed better body language or treated the media like a fraternity brother. But for the same people who lay heaps of hero worship on felons, adulterers, rapists and drug addicts to label Cutler the outcast is beyond idiotic.

Members of the sports media: Say what you will about his play on the field. But outside of that, quit crying because Jay Cutler doesn’t like you. I can't blame him.


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