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I want to be Willy Wonka

February 3, 2011 - Nikki Younk
I imagine myself as something of an expert on candy and all things sweet. Gummi bears, chocolate bars, lollipops, or bubblegum, I’ve tried them all.

However, I’m also very picky. Although I’ve tasted a lot of candy, I haven’t loved a lot of candy. There are a few standbys that I can always turn to: Tangy Twister Mike and Ikes, Japanese “puccho” candies (they’re like Starburst fruit chews with tiny, embedded gummis), Kit Kat bars, Frooties (fruit-flavored Tootsie rolls), and soft gummi bears. These candies all have the two necessary components of a great confection: flavor and texture.

Sure, the above-listed candies are very, very good, but I believe that even the best out there can be improved. Sometimes, I wish I were a candymaker so I could do the experimenting and development myself. Basically, I want to be Willy Wonka. (The Gene Wilder version, not the Johnny Depp version.)

My perfect candy would have a firm, jelly-like texture (somewhere between a gummi bear and Jello), a deep berry flavor, bite-sized portions, a non-sticky/non-slimy surface, and easily-portable packaging. Kind of like fruit snacks with style.

If only.



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