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The picks are wrong

March 2, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
The Nielsen Co. says the Oscars show was seen by almost 38 million people. That's down from 41.7 million viewers last year.

I can’t believe that many people had nothing better to do.

Seriously, who wants to watch a swarm of over-paid ego maniacs parade around pretending to be important?

You want story-telling and pretending?

Visit any schoolyard. It’s a lot more entertaining, and you can talk to children. They don’t have an “I’m too important” attitude, and they really don’t care what they’re wearing.

This year, "The King's Speech" — yawn — was the big winner. That sounds as exciting as “The Hurt Locker,” or “Slumdog Millionaire,” typical Oscar selections.

“Iron Man 2” easily blows away “The King’s Speech.” Can you honestly see yourself sitting back in your living room to catch "The King's Speech" again — without the aid of a couple of Red Bulls?

Will you even rent "The King's Speech?" I didn’t think so.

And what about “Slumdog Millionaire?” They said that was better than “The Dark Knight,” or “Gran Torino.” Right.

And “The Hurt Locker” is better than “Avatar” or “Star Trek?”

These are the reasons the Oscar show continues to diminish in audience ratings and importance.

Not only is the Oscar show full of long-winded stuffed shirts, the picks are simply wrong.



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