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Wisconsin budget

March 16, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
Don’t get me started on the Wisconsin budget, or any state budget for that matter.

Wisconsin, after all, is not unique.

The states, and the federal government are out of money.

If we ran our households like they do, we’d be jail. You can’t spend more than you take in, no matter how much the people kick and scream.

The bottom line, it seems, is how badly does the citizenry want the services being offered.

It’s noble and easy for a politician to promise more of this and more of that.

But times are tough.

It’s politician suicide for a lawmaker to say that budget items must be cut...just about as popular as telling the kids they’ve got to cut down on texting minutes, television channels, internet speed, or whatever, in order to balance your household budget.

Still, it is something we have to do, or increase the amount of money coming in.

Maybe the kids could shovel snow, or rake lawns for extra cash. That usually goes over big as well.

Truth is, we, as a people, need to live within our means. Borrowing from the future is a road to nowhere.

We need to decide in a civil, rational manner what we want and what we can afford — and what we cannot afford.

Tough decisions. Be a participant, not a spectator.

Keep your lawmakers on speed dial. They’ll need all the help they can get.



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