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Thunder cat

March 30, 2011 - Jim Anderson
From England today comes news of Smokey the purring cat.

A cat whose purr is so loud she has her own website.

A crew from Northampton College visited the 12-year-old British shorthair recently to measure her purr. Findings and recordings have been forwarded to Guinness World Records.

Because, well, what’s the point of purring at 73 decibels without a Guinness certificate to show for it?

Frankly, the purring featured at the website isn’t all that impressive.

Not when the cat’s purring has been compared in news features to a roaring lawnmower or a descending Boeing 747.

As I understand it, 73 decibels is a bit louder than dinner conversation. But does that mean the Huxtables ... or the Bundy’s?

An ordinary cat — I’ve known several — purrs at 25 decibels.

Luckily, Smokey is described as camera-shy. That means she won’t be drowning out Snooki on Jersey Shore anytime soon.

On second thought ...



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