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‘The View’ on Obama

May 2, 2011 - Jim Anderson
The folks at Media Research Center — a group dedicated to exposing liberal bias in the media — are distressed that a couple of the hosts on “The View” are stating the obvious: The death of Osama bin Laden improves the chances that Barack Obama will be re-elected.

Still, there are ways to state the obvious without being excessive.

In a “bias alert” the MRC’s Scott Whitlock criticizes Joy Behar and Barbara Walters for “giddily” politicizing bin Laden’s death.

A transcript follows:

BARBARA WALTERS: And great credit to this president.

BRIAN ROSS (ABC News correspondent): It was a brilliant operation.

JOY BEHAR: We love our president! We love him.

ROSS: And he made a choice not to drop bombs there because he was afraid it would obliterate any evidence they'd killed him.


ROSS: So he made the choice to send in the U.S. Navy SEALs.

BEHAR: And he would have hurt other people probably. This way it was very —

WALTERS: I would hate now to be a Republican candidate thinking of running.

BEHAR: They should — As Elisabeth always says, they should just skip the next election.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK (conservative host): Wait a minute. I think it is insane to politicize this event right now and I refuse to partake in that.

Was it was appropriate for Hasselbeck to say “Wait a minute”?


Skip the next election? No matter where one stands politically, that’s an absurd conclusion to draw.

Let’s look back a couple of decades. In late 1991, when the Soviet Union was collapsing, it appeared that President George H.W. Bush might breeze to re-election in 1992.

That wasn’t the case.

The same holds true today.



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