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Back to Vegas, Part Two (Suspense, Fiction)

July 6, 2011 - Burt Angeli
"You did what?"

Oslo wasn't happy with my "Mr. Nice Guy" gesture.

Barbie and her daughter, Bianca, needed a safe place to stay. They were in Las Vegas for a major junior tennis tournament and wanted to avoid Barbie's ex and Bianca's father, Rick, as much as possible.

He didn't know the meaning of a restraining order. Barbie figured a Vegas residence, rather than a hotel, would give them better security.

They would worry about the tennis courts later. 

"We won't even know they're there, O. They just need a place to stay. What's the harm?"

We piled into a cab.

"We're off to Greengrove Blvd.," I said with a grin that was met with a smile from Barbie.

Oslo and Bianca looked glumly out the cab windows until our arrival. Oslo's place had some charm including a swimming pool, hot tub and well stocked refrigerator.

Greengrove's three bedrooms meant yours truly was on the living room couch. I was just getting comfortable with a beer and a Robert B. Parker book when Barbie came out of the bathroom.

She was wearing a U.S. Open T-shirt and apparently nothing else.

"I can't thank you and Oslo enough for your hospitality," she said while tracing a finger down my leg. "This junior tennis tournament means the world to Bianca. If there's anything I can do for you?"

I usually only sweat in the Vegas heat. But this was in air-conditioned comfort. Barbie moved a bit closer and I was prepared to caution her that my wedding band meant something.

She looked ready to make a move until Bianca barged in.

"Mother. Can we talk?"

They moved to a bedroom and closed the doors. They yelled at each other for a few minutes until Bianca left for her room. 

And Barbie never returned to the couch.

I thought about calling my bride Ravenna, now in the midst of a pub crawl through Ireland with her sisters.

"Nah, she won't believe this one." …

(To be continued) 



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