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Back to Vegas, Part 5 (suspense, fiction)

July 27, 2011 - Burt Angeli
Barbie was frantic.

"Where is that girl? She's got tennis this afternoon. She can't be running off."

Before I could offer any reassuring words, she put her hand to her mouth.

"You don't think Rick grabbed her?"

Rick, as in Bianca's mother and Barbie's ex-husband, was expected to be a threat at the Las Vegas tennis center. Not on Greengrove, a residential area.

"Barbie, no way Rick got her," I said. "We had this place locked up. He couldn't get by us."

Barbie didn't seem as confident.

"Yeah, right. Your snoring probably scared him off. That chain saw I heard was right out of the Pacific Northwest."

Ouch! I looked at Oslo. He pointed at me.

"Sorry, guys. I'm just upset."

Barbie snapped her fingers.

"Of course, she went to be with Ron. They met the last time she played Vegas, as they say."

As it turned out, Ron was a ball boy who made every effort to work Bianca's matches. They hit it off.

Ron lived in Pahrump, just outside of Vegas. His dad ran a construction company.

Barbie called Bianca's cell phone. Nothing but "leave a message."

"What next?" Barbie wondered.

I told Barbie to head to the tennis center and see if Bianca made it over there.

"What about us, Kevin?" Oslo asked.

"You know the way to Pahrump?"

(To be continued)  



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