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Get rid of that stop light

August 10, 2011 - Nikki Younk
This blog is a response to a Kingsford gent who has been voicing his support for a permanent stop light at the intersection of U.S. 2 and Brown Street (U.S. 8) in Norway.

That particular stop light is not only a nuisance to those of us who travel through Norway multiple times a day, it is a hazard. The light requires that eastbound U.S. 2 traffic use the left lane for through travel and the the right lane for right turns only. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen drivers ignore the signage and blaze right through the right lane. Imagine you’re a lazy left lane driver and you want to move back into the right lane after you pass the intersection. You assume that no one’s in the right lane, since all right lane traffic should have turned right. Oops! You end up crashing into the right lane blazer.

Yes, every driver should be careful to drive in their proper lanes and always look before changing lanes. Just because we should do something does not mean that we always do it.

Take away the stop light and both eastbound lanes can return to through-traffic use. You won’t have as many potential accidents happening, and traffic back-ups in the eastbound left lane will cease.

Anyone, such as this Kingsford gent, who has problems turning left from Brown Street onto U.S. 2 without a stop light can simply backtrack two blocks and go to the Main Street stop light.

This may sound inconvenient, but I do it all the time in Iron Mountain. Ever tried to make a left turn from Kent Street onto U.S. 2? Or a left turn from E. Hughitt Street onto U.S. 2? It’s nearly impossible. So what do I do? Just go a block or two to a stoplight and make an easy left turn. Can you imagine if all difficult left turns in these cities had stop lights? It would take half an hour just to get through downtown Iron Mountain!

I, for one, am looking forward to the completion of the Niagara bridge project so the detour can be removed and the U.S. 2/Brown Street stop light in Norway can be taken down for good.



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