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Cruising for a cause

August 17, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
"Tractor Dave" left downstate Fremont in June to ride through 48 states to raise money for charity.

He returned this week after a 4,100-mile tractor ride through the Midwest. Twenty-five miles an hour on a 1937 tractor gets old after a while.

Dave Wolfsen, 66, aka Tractor Dave, apparently had enough. His goal was to raise $50,000 for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and Food Resource Bank.

We’re not sure if he met his goal.

Time and bad weather cut short his plans for a 9,300-mile ride through 48 states, he said.

Dave’s not alone. Every year, we get we bikers, hikers, swimmers, walkers and riders of all ages, colors and sexual orientation raising money for a charity, or raising awareness for a cause.

And they all want their name in the paper.

Ever wonder how they do it? I do.

Where do they get funds for their trip? Do they take a cut off the top, or do they finance it themselves? They’ve got to eat.

How do they break the news to their employer that they need four months off work to walk around Lake Superior for starving people in (pick your country)?

Do they have a job when they return? Did they ever have a job?

And what about their families? Don’t they want to be home once in a while?

Finally, wouldn’t you like to take off work for a summer to cruise around Lake Michigan? And have a job when you return?

If anyone wants to finance my next round-the-Great-Lakes awareness tour, bring in a bag full of small denomination unmarked bills.

For enough money, you can even choose the cause/charity.

For those of you who want to do some real awareness-raising, try crossing Lake Superior...on winter.



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