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Just like clockwork

September 6, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
They returned, just like clockwork.

Schools in Michigan started this week for the 2011-12 school year.

And bright and early Monday morning, road crews had the barricades up, ready to greet the morning school rush hour motorists.

Come on.

You can’t tell me that this was the only time they could find to paint the crosswalks.

They’ve had all summer for this. And if they wanted that fresh-painted look for new students, why didn’t they do it the week before school started?

It seems this is an annual ritual with local road projects. They’ll wait until the first day or week of school to begin a digging/painting/paving near a school.

What’s wrong with these people?

It would seem apparent that this is hazard — an accident waiting to happen.

Think about it.

Frazzled parents trying to rush their children to school on time, only to find the road blocked in order to put new stripes on the street. Young drivers with a car-load of student passengers talking, texting, downloading and cruising to the first day of school and — quick — hit the brakes for the orange barrel!

If you were in charge of hiring a roadway striping crew, wouldn’t you stipulate in the contract that it must be completed before school starts?

If you were in charge of the road crews, wouldn’t you tell this crew to work somewhere else for the first week or so?

And if you were on the striping crew, wouldn’t you point out the hazardous action your supervisors?

Obviously, someone is not thinking.

Where’s Forrest Gump when we need him?



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