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Japanese candy extravaganza

October 3, 2011 - Nikki Younk
I love Japanese candy. Whether it be chewy, chocolate, gummy, hamburger-flavored, or sushi-shaped, I L-O-V-E Japanese candy.

My love affair started a few years ago, when I started reading various candy blogs. I kept hearing about a wonderful product called Hi-Chew. It was described as Japan's answer to Starburst, but it came in tons of exotic flavors. I needed to try it.

Thanks to the wonders of the world-wide-weberverse, I was able to order some Blood Orange and Black Cherry Hi-Chew. It was love at first bite, my friends.

I quickly progressed to other types of goodies: Puccho (taffy candy wrapped around gummy balls and fizzy tablets), Pocky (cookie sticks covered in chocolate, strawberry icing, almonds, etc.), Kasugai gummies (they have a great consistency and come in funky flavors like lychee, kiwi, and mangosteen), rice candy (a gummy covered in edible rice paper), and Cubyrop (fruity hard candy).

Not only are these treats delicious, they are just so darn cute! The packages are bold, flashy, and covered in adorable characters. What child, or Nikki, could turn them down?

The only downside to my Japanese candy addiction is that Japanese candy lives in Japan...and I live in Norway, Michigan. I can buy it online, but then I have to pay shipping fees and wait at least a week for delivery. Woe is me.

But there's a happy ending!

As luck would have it, my cousin happens to live in Japan. He recently sent me a package of lovely treats that you can see pictured at right. There's a Hi-Chew on the bottom left (lemon Fanta soda and honey flavored) and a Puccho (orange, apple, peach, and banana flavored) to the right of the Hi-Chew.

Excuse me while I feast.



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