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Back to Vegas, Part 12 (suspense, fiction)

November 22, 2011 - Burt Angeli
While Kevin and Oslo became junior tennis fans, Rick left Vegas for Ireland. Ravs and her sisters just happened to be working on their next stop in Ireland.

"OK, let's pick an island… Inishmore, Inishmaan or Inisheer, which one?"

Ravs decided to let her older sisters, Si and Fi, pick their next stop on their Celtic tour.

"So we get to pick what? 'More,' 'man' or 'eers' - with our luck, all we'll find are men with big ears? I don't know how anyone can navigate the Irish language. It makes me think that half of our clan left the old sod just to go someplace with an easier language," Si insisted.

"Remember the BBC's "Vicar of Dilbey," where she complained about Irish being an impossible language with too many vowels?" Ravs replied.

"Well, it could be worse, we could be in Wales and then we'd really be lost. It took me to the second season of "Horatio Hornblower" before I could figure out how to pronounce Ioan Gruffudd," Fi added.

As they completed their discussion on the peculiarities of Celtic languages, a rather shy young woman approached Ravenna.

"Excuse me ladies, if you are going to the Aran Island, would you care to join our group. We have had a cancellation and our tour, prefers to keep its reservations. There are so few places to stay on Inisheer."

Ravs suspected the girl must be the tour guide, but her precise English lacked any hint of an Irish brogue. Her blonde hair and blue eyes suggested a Scandinavian ancestor. To her chagrin, she noticed that the Japanese women appeared to have been following their conversation with interest.

Suddenly, the girl lowered her voice and whispered to the three "My name is Elisabet Svensdottir, I am just filling in for Connelly's West Coast tours, you see one of our group took ill and was taken to Dublin. My employer, Miss Connelly, is tending to her. The other guides are busy and so I was instructed to take the group to Inisheer for two nights. There should be an open room for you at O'Sullivan's Inn. I know the owners do not like the rooms to be vacant. I could secure you a room if you would wish to join us."

"We'll take it" the trio chimed.

The three boarded the ferry to Inisheer, or Inis Oirr as it's written in the Irish. The crossing wasn't too rough and Si was excited when she spotted a young man board the ferry. But she was disappointed to see him disappear as soon as they landed.

Sure enough, they spotted an O'Suilleabhavin sign on what looked like a huge converted boathouse or warehouse from the previous century right near the pier.

"Ladies, that is O'Sullivan's Inn, our hotel for the next two nights," Elisabet Sveinsdottir announced to her group.

(To be continued)



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