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Back to Vegas, Part 13 (Suspense, Fiction)

November 28, 2011 - Burt Angeli
Their room turned out to be slightly larger than a walk-in closet. The three of them plopped, dejectedly, onto the sole bed which was barely the size of a standard double.

"That armoire must be early Victorian," Ravs tried cheering up her two sisters.

"Yeah, and my guess is old Henry the EIghth bedded a few babes in this pile of lumps except that it's probably too small for him," Si snarled.

"And with a little luck there are a few bedbugs that got a nip at old Cromwell himself," Fi added her tuppence worth.

"Not to add to the merriment, but where's our luggage and who brought the gym bag? All our stuff has our names on it and we brought in on the ferry, why is it we get some Richard D.'s can't make out the last name, gym bag?

"Let's skip all that nonsense, remember we agreed to help Elisabet show the ladies a good time. I think it's time we go down and meet everyone in the dining room and start being pleasant as our dear old Mither would say."

"What are we supposed to do, go down there and dance a jig?" Si was at her sullen best.

"That's exactly what we're going to do and maybe sing a bit, come on Fi you have the lilting voice," Ravenna pleaded.

After a hearty serving of stew (which included a surprisingly good vegetarian version) and lots of brown bread with fresh creamy butter and a tender Spring green salad, the little group finished off with dessert of dried apples poached in cider and and a dash of whisky and drenched with decadent sweet cream. Fortified with a nice meal, the sisters felt better about their prospects of being the night's entertainment.

"Ladies, while we wait for our evening tea, these three sisters would like to sing a few Irish songs for your enjoyment," Elisabet proposed, and since there were no objections, the trio knew the spotlight had been turned on.

Fi didn't miss a beat as she announced she would like to sing her great grandfather's favorite song. Her lovely soprano began the ballad "When You and I Were Young, Maggie," which tells of the enduring love of an elderly man for his frail and elderly wife as he assures his beloved of her eternal beauty in his eyes when he sings: "But to me you are still as you were Maggie, when you and I were young."

The group, mostly widows, followed the tender love song closely, a bit too closely and tears were beginning to flow.

"Perhaps, we might follow up with something a bit more cheerful," Elisabet whispered, prompting Si to follow up with a rousing:

"Hennessy Tennessee tootled the flute the music was mighty grand," Si began a rather rousing version of that Irish-American standby —MacNamara's band. The cheery tune, followed by pots of tea warmed up with Jamesons had the small group ready to join Ravenna in Irish jig.

"That wasn't such a bad evening," Ravenna tried cheering up her sisters and the three tried to cram into the tiny, uncomfortable bed.

"OK but where's our luggage? I say we raid old Ricky D's duffel bag and see if we can at least scare up a clean T-shirt to wear. I hope my socks and stuff dries by tomorrow or this is going to be worse the trip from you know where," said Fi, always the fashion plate.

"I don't mind going through somebody else's stuff - I'll check it out," Si offered.

"Let's see, we got a couple of UNLV shirts, a sweater and I something else, it looks like a …" Si said of the athletic apparel.

"And something fell out of it …. what … those look like stones!"

"I'm not going to say anything," Si added with solemnity which caused the three of them to erupt with laughter.

"Wait, don't pick them up, you don't know where they've been," Fi cautioned and so a still laughing Ravenna retrieved a tissue paper to pick up one of the sparkling stones.

"This looks like a diamond, wait a minute there must be a half a dozen of these and would look at the size of this thing. What a rock!" Ravs exclaimed.

"Why would anybody carrying diamonds in a gym bag?" Fi turned to Si.

"Well, if you wanted to get something past security who would check a guy's …"

"They grabbed my botanical eye cream," Fi complained.

"Well that stuff was as caustic as lye, remember you puffed up like you were on Botox" her older sister explained.

"But they always make me go for an additional pat down," Ravs added.

"That's because you're the youngest, wait a few years and they won't give you a second look" Si continued, "Seriously, what are we going to do? We can't go look for this guy and I don't want to try to explain this to the police."

"We'd better call Grandpa Seamus. What time is it back home, anyway, what about 7:00? Maybe we better wait a bit. He's probably watching reruns of "Rumpole of the Bailey," Fi decided.

The call to their attorney grandfather went better than expected, especially when the gentleman found out that his granddaughters weren't in any trouble, not yet, anyway.

Grandpa Seamus assured them that he would contact the Garda, the Irish police, and have them retrieve the suspected contraband.

"In the meantime, the three of you stay put in your room, lock the door, put a chair near it just in case and don't go talking to anyone. You don't know who else is involved in this. I'll talk to cops over there. Just stay put."

As they ended the call, the three could hear elderly Seamus muttering to himself about young women gallivanting about the world and his wife gently reminding him that she had circumnavigated the globe twice before their marriage while she quickly produced the names of several colleagues over in Ireland who might be able to help their wayward clan.

"That chair doesn't look like it will block anyone from coming in."

"It's OK, Siena, how about if I sit on it. I don't feel sleepy anyway and the chair feels a whole lot better than that bed," Ravenna offered to guard her older sisters who were soon snoring.

(To be continued)



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