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More candy to love

November 28, 2011 - Nikki Younk
We all already know that I love Japanese candy. The combination of taste, novelty, and cute packaging is absolutely irresistible.

However, I must admit that I have a new candy obsession. It doesn’t replace my love of Japanese candy — it just joins it. That candy would be...drum roll please...vegan gummies.

I suppose an explanation is in order. Please bear with me, because the reason that I love vegan gummies is quite confusing and probably quite stupid.

Ok. Regular gummies contain gelatin. It’s what gives the candy that rubbery texture. Gelatin is made from animals. Therefore, vegans cannot eat regular gummies.

In order to please their consumers, vegan food producers must use a gelatin substitute, such as gellan, agar, or pectin, in their gummies. These substitutes give the candy more of a jelly-like texture than a rubbery texture. Think gumdrops instead of gummy bears.

I prefer the jelly texture, but I’m clearly in the minority. There are far more gelatin-based gummies out there than jelly gummies. Since vegan gummies have to be jelly gummies, they’ve become my go-to favorites.

My explanation probably makes little sense. That’s ok. All you need to do is get some vegan gummies of your own. You’ll be convinced that they’re good stuff.



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