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March Madness

December 6, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
The best thing about the college football bowl season is college basketball has started.

College football will never get the respect college basketball has until it implements a playoff system.

The NCAA college basketball tournament is competition at its best. There’s nothing more exciting that watching an underdog topple a No. 1 seed — or a No. 1 seed surviving several close games to rise to the championship game.

It’s all good.

The college bowl scene is mismatch, hodgepodge — a dog’s breakfast.

To have a repeat game as the championship game, as they do this year with LSU vs. Alabama for the BCS National Championship, is a sham.

I cannot believe there are no other worthy teams to choose for this game.

Division II in college football has a playoff system. It works great. Two teams play, the winner moves on. Last team standing wins.

That’s the way it works with college basketball.

With the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title football game, they use a computer, of all things, to choose which teams go to the championship game.

Why don’t they just “tweet” a game, or “friend” the national title? Better yet, let’s all text our favorite team to Simon Cowell, and let him pick the champion.

Give me a break.

Only a few more months until March Madness.



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