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The real cost of drugs

December 26, 2011 - Blaine Hyska
You have to be amazed at the ingenuity of the criminal mind. Who would ever think of smoking potpourri, or snorting bath salts?

Yet, someone somewhere contrived the idea.

Now, kids (and probably some adults) are using these products to alter their state of consciousness. Never mind that they’re likely destroying massive amounts of brain cells in the process. They’re doing it regardless of the consequences.

The problem is not unique to this area, to this country or even to this point in time. There has been and is an element of society in every corner of the world trying to dull their mental awareness.

Think about it.

You have poppies in India, Turkey, Afghanistan and Greece and other countries; marijuana fields in Mexico and Columbia; the grapes in France and Italy; and hops and barley of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Humans have been doing it for years. And they’ve been widely successful. You read about it every day that someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol does something stupid. They end up hurting or destroying themselves and those around them.

The collective brain power used to alter the human mind is staggering.

Imagine how much time and effort has been spent — and is still being spent — on drugs.

What would happen if this ingenuity and resourcefulness were used for something good?

Could we have colonized Mars? Ended poverty? Cured cancer? Halted aging? Solved the energy crisis? Attained word peace? We’ll never know. These goals are the real cost of drugs.

They will likely be achieved by future generations.

But first, we’ve got to stop inhaling the poisoned potpourri.



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