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Flagship Walgreens worth a peek

January 16, 2012 - Ron Deuter
Went to Chicago this past weekend to visit family. During the visit my wife and I stopped at the new flagship Walgreens in downtown Chicago. This store just opened less than two weeks ago.

Not your typical Walgreens, that’s for sure. It’s been billed as a more upscale version of the store, and they aint kidding. From the design and layout to the merchandise, it's a definitely not your Iron Mountain Walgreens.

Along with all the typical wares you’d expect to find at a Walgreens like medicine, milk and greeting cards, there are quite a few swanky extras.

For one, the entrance of the store has a cafe counter where you can buy coffee (not a bad cup of joe), sweets, fresh fruit and other drinks and edibles. It even has a staffed sushi bar.

The expanded liquor department features hundreds of bottles of wine and some super expensive bottles of booze. I spotted a $500 bottle of scotch. I heard there was also a $2,000 bottle of cognac.

Upstairs, the beauty department features a nail salon.

But probably one of the biggest differences in this store compared to a regular Walgreens is in the pharmacy.

The pharmacy area is set up to bring the pharmacists out from behind the counter in a more one-on-one setting. There’s also a nurse practitioner on staff for those who wish to get vaccinations, physical exams or other minor things.

It’s different. And I think I like it.

If there is one thing I hate more than anything it’s the unending wait times at a doctor’s office. You wait in the waiting room. You wait in the exam room. You wait, you wait and you wait. And there’s usually never any indication how long you’ll be waiting. It’s ridiculous. Then by the time the doctor gets in, you feel like you’re being rushed. It's part of the reason I avoid doctors.

If I can go a Walgreens for simple stuff, and be in and out in no time at all, that’d be something I could get used to.

Corner of State and Randolph if you’re in Chicago and want to check it out.



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