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There's a new ‘Swami’ in town

February 14, 2012 - Jim Anderson
Burt Angeli won this year’s Great NFL Contest (published each week in Friday’s newspaper), correctly picking 168 regular season winners (with 78 misses), followed by a playoff record of 8-3.

Locally, our sports scribe was three games better in the regular season than high school students Allie Forenza and Michael Smithson. Those challengers, however, slipped in the playoffs, with Frorenza going 6-5 and Smithson 5-6.

Nationally, Angeli was better than most every NFL “expert” — and in many cases it wasn’t even close.

Angeli’s final record was 176-81.

Panelists in The Great NFL contest don’t pick the games played on Thursday. There were 10 such games this season and the Vegas favorites won six of them. Conservatively, we might figure that Burt would have gotten at least five correct, giving him a record of 181-86, had he picked every NFL game.

At ESPN’s “NFL Expert Picks,” Mark Schlereth turned in the best record among eight ESPN analysts. He went 167-89 through the regular season and 7-4 in the playoffs for a final record of 174-93. (Two wins behind Angeli, even when picking the 10 extra Thursday games. Note to Chris "The Swami" Berman: Ouch!)

The actual winner of the ESPN contest was the computer simulation program Accuscore, which was 174-82 in the regular season but only 6-5 in the playoffs for a final record of 180-87. (Still one game behind Angeli, even if Angeli goes only 5-5 in the Thursday games.)

At CBS Sports, senior writer Clark Judge was the winner among five panelists with a final record of 178-89. At the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Packer Plus, Jeff Maillet had the best record at 174-93.

The Pro Football Weekly staff also finished at 174-93.

By the way, Burt, if you’re looking for “help” in next year’s contest, a subscription to the Pro Football Weekly “inner circle” is just 90 bucks.

Or maybe they would pay you to join.

Right. They'll probably wait to see how you do next year first.



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