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Snack flavors not universal

May 17, 2012 - Marguerite Lanthier
Everyone the world over loves snacks. Recently I read an article about how snack companies are gearing their products for people in other countries. Apparently the flavors we love are not the flavors people in other counties love. Some of the snacks didn’t sound like they would taste bad — others, not so sure. In China, they don’t like their Oreos with just plain vanilla cream. So Kraft, the makers of Oreos these days, started offering the cookie as just a wafer. Then they decided to tweak the cookie. They made it smaller and less sweet. Once that was completed, they decided to change the filling. They added a green tea ice cream flavor, which sold well. They have also added cookies with raspberry-and-blueberry and mango-and-orange flavored filling. Oreos are now the best selling cookie in China. Kraft also took this approach with other snacks. In Saudi Arabia, they offer Tang with a lemon-pepper flavor. In Mexico, they sell tropical fruit flavors and a hibiscus version. In Spain, Kellogg’s is selling cereal with ads showing it floating in hot coffee instead of milk. PepsiCo, the makers of Lay's decided to make their chips more appealing. After extensive research find out what Russians eat, they introduced crab flavored chips. Red Caviar flavored chips are the most popular ones in Moscow, and pickled cucumber chips were introduced last year. Foreign countries might not like them, but I think i’ll stick to regular Oreos and Lay's Potato Chips.



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