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Transporting rifles or shotguns

October 22, 2016 A citizen asked if a person who has a concealed pistol license is able to transport an uncased rifle or shotgun in their vehicl. more »»

Seeing options shrinking, white men in U.S. ask why

October 21, 2016 By MATT SEDENSKY Associated Press DALLAS — The voices cascade into the studio, denouncing political hypocrisy and media bias and disappearing values. more »»

Uplifting experiences

October 21, 2016 By DANIEL J. PAUL For The Daily News As she was preparing to return to her military base for additional training, she stopped to say goodbye to her grandmother, who is 97.5 years old. more »»

Trump, Clinton debate claims put to the test

October 20, 2016 WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump painted an inaccurately dark portrait of manufacturing in America while Hillary Clinton stretched credulity in boasting that her spending plans won't add to the... more »»

Ameri-brats abroad

October 19, 2016 Amanda Knox was innocent of the grisly murder for which she did time in an Italian jail. There was no DNA link suggesting that the student from Seattle had slit the throat of her English roommate. more »»

Michigan Dems, poised to boost ranks, aim for House control

October 18, 2016 LANSING — Conditions are ideal for Democrats to bolster their ranks in the Legislature, but capturing a House majority — and ending Republicans’ full control of state government — could be elusive. more »»

Presidential campaign becomes ‘The Bickersons’ revisited

October 14, 2016 Not since George and Martha in the play “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” or for older readers Don Ameche and Frances Langford in the radio comedy “The Bickersons,” have we seen the kind of verbal... more »»

The ‘quiet catastrophe’ of men choosing to not seek work

October 6, 2016 WASHINGTON — The “quiet catastrophe” is particularly dismaying because it is so quiet, without social turmoil or even debate. more »»

Why all the love for the Cubs’ consistent failure?

October 3, 2016 “Lots o’ folks confuse bad management with destiny. more »»

Now it’s time for Trump

September 29, 2016 Now that all of my inside-the-beltway, elitist, morally superior friends and colleagues have weighed in with their self-righteous denunciations of Donald Trump, it’s my tur. more »»

More terror, more denials

September 23, 2016 In Florida Monday, following the bombings in New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump referred to the captured bombing suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, as an “evil thu. more »»

No conspiracy, collusion in writing against Trump

September 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — As the first presidential debate approaches, fists clench, jaws tighten and invectives giggle in anticipatio. more »»

Remembering the dread and excitement of starting school

September 19, 2016 By DANIEL J. PAUL For The Daily News “School days, school days, good ol’fashion rule days!” Usually, by mid-August I would be awakened by my father singing this song around 7 a.m. every da. more »»

Sharing memories of Holy Spirit School after 50 years

September 16, 2016 By BRUCE VIELMETTI Up until the news from my parents that I’d be going to a new Catholic school for third grade, I had attended only McKinley School, a turn-of-the-century edifice that seemed much... more »»

When did it become a liability to be sick?

September 15, 2016 WASHINGTON — She didn’t want to say she was sick. Hillary Clinton, that is, who recently has suffered coughing fits followed Sunday by a near collapse during New York’s 9/11 memorial ceremony. more »»

Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ comment shows true colors

September 14, 2016 Every now and again secular progressives rip off their mask and tell conservatives what they really think of them. more »»

The week that was ... embarrassing

September 13, 2016 WASHINGTON — America has had better weeks than the one just past. more »»

The IRS commissioner merits impeachment

September 12, 2016 WASHINGTON — Republican congressional leaders ardently want conservative members of the House to not force a vote on impeaching the IRS commissioner. more »»

Hillary Clinton channels Nixon

September 8, 2016 One wouldn’t think Hillary Clinton and former President Richard Nixon would have a lot in common, but in responding to FBI investigators that she “could not recall any briefing or training by State... more »»

Main Street shopping and the Internet

September 7, 2016 Wal-Mart is seeing the future, and the future isn’t more shoppers driving through stop-and-go traffic to big boxes at the edge of town. It’s online shopping. more »»

‘Declaration of intentions’ used with past immigrants

September 2, 2016 Loyalty oaths have been tried in the past, but eventually were struck down by the courts as either too vague, or an unconstitutional violation of free speec. more »»



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