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Bigger need

March 21, 2014 EDITOR: In Wednesday’s (March 12, 2014) paper there was an article titled “What TV shows to watch. more »»

‘Right to choose’

March 21, 2014 EDITOR: It has been interesting to follow the time, involvement, and outrage over the recent abandoned puppies. Without a doubt it was a cruel and detestable act. more »»

Do not want outsiders

March 21, 2014 EDITOR: As spring draws near, the Citizens for Professional Wildlife management has used approximately one half of the allocated time in order to get the required amount of signatures into the State... more »»

Keeping his cool

March 20, 2014 EDITOR: Thank God we have a president who is keeping his cool and treading carefully in the current crisis with Putin, instead of rushing off to another war like a screaming idiot as some letter... more »»

In need of a contract

March 20, 2014 EDITOR: At the March 10 Iron Mountain School Board meeting, it was standing room only. Approximately 220 parents, teachers, students, MEA representatives and community members packed the media center. more »»

Dropped the ball

March 19, 2014 EDITOR: This is a rebuttal to We threw God out. We didn’t do it, you did it. It is written just whose responsibility it is to teach the truth. Read Deuteronomy 6:7 KJV. more »»

The best of everything

March 19, 2014 EDITOR: How do you folks feel about our wounded veterans having to send out begging and letters and go on TV asking for help? I think it’s a disgrace. more »»

More efficient flow of traffic

March 18, 2014 EDITOR: I have read several editorials opposing the three-lane road conversion or road diet. The editorials express opinions, but none have been substantiated with any statistics, data, or facts. more »»

Stop for the bus

March 18, 2014 EDITOR: I had the opportunity to ride along on a Head Start bus today and I was very concerned to see a driver of a SUV run the school bus red lights as the bus driver was dropping off children at a... more »»

Should be merged

March 17, 2014 EDITOR: I attended the Iron Mountain Board of Education meeting on March 10 and was very impressed. more »»

This Road Diet proposal

March 14, 2014 EDITOR: I can’t speak for all the Bible-thumping, gun-toting, freedom-loving patriots out there. I can speak for myself. I’m going to weigh in on this Road Diet proposal. more »»

We threw God out

March 14, 2014 EDITOR: Read this and wept, especially for our children. more »»

Names are still shown

March 13, 2014 EDITOR: We are all so fortunate to have this forum in which to voice our opinion. Though we all strive for accuracy, errors will nevertheless creep in. more »»

What TV shows to watch

March 12, 2014 EDITOR: The United States is great peril. Americans are in great peril. Freedom is in great peri. more »»

A new world disorder

March 11, 2014 EDITOR: Great article on the Wall Street Journal opinion pages on March 6 by Daniel Henninger — Putin Carterizes Obama, totally. “As of this week, it’s official. more »»

Asking too much?

March 10, 2014 EDITOR: I wish to reply to an opinion piece (“a shortage of teachers”) penned by Norway-Vulcan Area Schools Superintendent Louis Steigerwald, specifically to his statement that “education today then... more »»

Keep our soldiers safe

March 7, 2014 EDITOR: To all my vet buddies and friends, please pass this on to your friends and relatives all over the U.S. Ask them if they would put this information in the paper where they live. more »»

Benefits for veterans

March 6, 2014 EDITOR: The Senate agreed to invoke cloture and proceed on a bill that would extend and expand health care and education benefits for veterans and their families. Sen. Carl Levin voted Yes. Sen. more »»

Quite a challenge

March 5, 2014 EDITOR: Thought I’d get on the bandwagon about this Carpenter Avenue thing — with the price of gas (heating and auto), fuel oil and propane, who can afford a bicycle? Even a second-hand one? With th... more »»

We must change

March 5, 2014 EDITOR: I read an article in your local newspaper on how the Iron Mountain School Board was going to try to raise funds for the school district, but one very important option was not mentioned. more »»



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