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Opposed to the wolf hunt

October 17, 2013 EDITOR: I attended the Oct. 10 Natural Resources Commission meeting in Iron Mountain.  There, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, an advocate for Michigan’s wolf hunt beginning No. more »»

Fix the potholes

October 17, 2013 EDITOR: Please come and fix the potholes on Adams Street near Hulst Manor in Iron Mountain. I know they are busy but I’ve called the road commission at least three times already. more »»

Talking about S.A.Y. soccer

October 16, 2013 EDITOR: There are many people and organizations that come to mind when talking about S.A.Y. soccer. Countless hours are put in by all of the coache. more »»

None of my business

October 16, 2013 EDITOR: This is a letter in direct response about the issue of the clothes that people wear. more »»

God makes people free

October 15, 2013 EDITOR: The Bible says — with God all things are possible. The massive problems of the world and his church require but a simple nod of his head for resolution. more »»

We are proud of it

October 15, 2013 EDITOR: The majority of the community is forever grateful to whoever or whatever it took to retain the Crystal Lake Senior Center. more »»

Pure rubbish, twaddle

October 15, 2013 EDITOR: I remember the movie, “All the President’s Men” in which the reporters for the Washington Post brought down the president of the United States, Richard M. more »»

You destroyed his boat

October 14, 2013 EDITOR: This letter is to the two thieves who stole the boat, motors and trailer out of East Kingsford on the evening of Sept. 2. more »»

Should be privatized

October 14, 2013 EDITOR: I think all governmental services should be privatized. I went to see a medical specialist last year who charged me $400 for $15 of his time. more »»

These are sad days

October 14, 2013 EDITOR: I am a retired VA employee who 17 years ago, the last time the government ran out of money. more »»

Because it’s all about him

October 11, 2013 EDITOR: It has been a lousy second term for President Obama so far. Mr. Richard Snowden still resides in Russia and the liberal press has buried the story. more »»

Send them a bill

October 11, 2013 EDITOR: Is it possible to send a bill to those nations which were built back up after World War II? For example, Japan and West Germany did pretty well thanks to the good ‘ole US. more »»

Grant them the dignity

October 11, 2013 EDITOR: When did the War on Poverty become a war against poor people? Growing up, I remember being taught that poverty is no disgrace. more »»

Start collecting your boxes

October 10, 2013 EDITOR: This is an open letter to Congress Apparently there is something in the water in DC which lowers ones ability to comprehend the spoken or written English language. more »»

Tea Party crackpots

October 10, 2013 EDITOR: In the three years Representative Dan Benishek has been in office, we taxpayers have paid him almost $500,000 in salary. This does not include his health insurance or retirement benefits. more »»

Here’s my solution

October 10, 2013 EDITOR: In preface, a few words on government spending. more »»

My God loves all people

October 9, 2013 EDITOR: Recently, I’ve read in these pages some ideas people have on what is appropriate to wear to church. I once went to church because I felt I needed a change in my life. more »»

Tyrannical government

October 9, 2013 EDITOR: Is there really “Freedom of the press” in America today? Are most news agencies operating under political/government pressure, bowing to the far left’s radical’s political ideologies? I... more »»

Not your business

October 9, 2013 EDITOR: To the author of “We need people control,” may I say that if ignorance was bliss, you would be one happy fellow. The AR-15 is a sporting rifle. more »»

They signed their name

October 8, 2013 EDITOR: I am not happy that this shutdown is too going to fall on the backs of our disabled veterans. You as our congressman/senator need to see to it that you get this don. more »»



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