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No letters today

May 31, 2014 ... more »»

Stop this insanity

May 30, 2014 EDITOR: I went to the VA Hospital in Iron Mountain today on business. While there I stopped at the Chapel and found pinky-purple curtains with mesh at the top, covering the altar. (You know the typ. more »»

Truck full of dirt

May 30, 2014 EDITOR: I enjoy going to the island park overlooking Lake Antoine which is called the Senior Citizens Park or something of that order. more »»

Exciting journey

May 29, 2014 EDITOR: A common phrase we often hear is “we need more young people to get involved.” The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary teach them how. more »»

Pretend to love

May 28, 2014 EDITOR: I am so sick of seeing entire pages of cats that have been born to the cats of irresponsible owners, which end up at the humane society. more »»

Critical analysis

May 27, 2014 EDITOR: A recent Letter to the Editor states correctly that Hillary Rodham Clinton (Wellesley College honors student) wrote her senior thesis about Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals. more »»

More like a theory

May 26, 2014 EDITOR: November 23, 1963 is the day we all remember, .and what we were doing when our President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. more »»

Try it for a week

May 26, 2014 EDITOR: Career consideration? Law enforcement and/or lawmakers (politicians), try it for a week. Contact Michigan for information on Student Trooper and Girls or Boys State Programs. more »»

Enough is enough

May 23, 2014 EDITOR: Enough is enough. Dr. Dan Benishek used that slogan when he ran for the United States House of Representatives. He was referring to the waste and frivolous spending at the federal level. more »»

Please raise my water bill

May 23, 2014 EDITOR: I want to thank the city of Iron Mountain for wasting my weekends bagging all my leaves (as I was under the impression from word of mouth and The Daily News there was no leaf clean up). more »»

Useful idiots?

May 22, 2014 EDITOR: Beware, are you a “useful idiot?” Your government thinks you are. Saul Alinsky died about 43 years ago, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation today. more »»

Concentrate on what works

May 21, 2014 EDITOR: Two recent news articles about wolf management are relevant to Michigan. more »»

Picture of a perilous world

May 20, 2014 EDITOR: The Biblical picture of our times: This article was written back in 1970 when things were not so bad as I saw i. more »»

Started for all of you

May 19, 2014 EDITOR: We would like to officially announce a new non-profit organization in West Iron County called WIC Progressive Parents Organization. more »»

Needs lots of love

May 15, 2014 EDITOR: Why am I against Obama’s policy, agenda and life style? As a person, he needs lots of love, period. Any liberal, socialist, communist, Democrat, I will always vote against. more »»

Recent votes

May 14, 2014 EDITOR: Here are some recent congressional votes. Senate: Energy-Efficient Building Codes — Cloture. House: Benghazi Select Committee — Passage. House: Research Tax Credit — Passage. more »»

Principles of a Christian nation

May 13, 2014 EDITOR: Are we or are we not a Christian nation? Let us review our Constitution and those who signed it. more »»

Is the rat race over?

May 12, 2014 EDITOR: Is the rat race over in America? Not yet. The rats are winning, though. The rats have a very good lead, but the rat race is not ove. more »»

Senate and House votes

May 12, 2014 EDITOR: Here are recent Senate and House votes. Friedland Nomination – Confirmation - Vote Confirmed (51-40, 9 Not Voting) On Monday the Senate approved the nomination of Michelle T. more »»

People will be heard

May 9, 2014 EDITOR: The consolidation of the area’s school districts to bail out Iron Mountain’s financial problems due to poor judgment and lack of leadership in the past? Breitung Township is doing just fine,... more »»



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