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One of the best shows in years

October 19, 2015 EDITOR: Community Theatre has always been in the are. more »»

More than a pound of cure

October 16, 2015 EDITOR: Can you remember the saying “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” I wished I had applied that to my life back in 1973. My wife had a kitchen timer that didn’t work exactly the way I wanted it t. more »»

Veterans office must stay open

October 16, 2015 EDITOR: After reading Robert Clutter’s article in the Daily News, (Letters to the Editor) dated Oct. 6, 2015, I felt compelled to respond as wel. more »»

They stood at attention

October 15, 2015 EDITOR: I was in attendance at the Iron Mountain vs. Kingsford junior varsity football game on Thursday, Oct. . more »»

The truth that lies at the core

October 15, 2015 EDITOR: The Greek philosopher, Socrates, wrote that “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” To begin to examine our lives, we first must ask ourselves one question. more »»

Pinecrest and Michigan Law 4740

October 14, 2015 EDITOR: This is in reference to the statements made by myself in a July 24 letter to the Daily News, (Message to the Taxpayers ) and to the article by News Editor Jim Anderson published in the Iron... more »»

Watch what is happening in Dearborn

October 13, 2015 EDITOR: I just finished watching “The O’Reilly Factor.” His Watter’s World segment tonight was in Dearborn, Michigan. more »»

Support, respect and love

October 12, 2015 EDITOR: This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a terrible cancer that affects not only the woman but also their friends and family. Their strength, courage, and bravery should be respected. more »»

Repeal prevailing wage law

October 12, 2015 EDITOR: The following letter was approved at the Oct. 8 meeting of the Dickinson County Republican Committee and copies have been sent to Senator Tom Casperson and Representative Ed McBroom. more »»

Mental health is the issue

October 9, 2015 EDITOR: My letters usually take a bit of space to cover the subject I am raising. Not this time. We need real, available mental health diagnosis and care and it must be affordable. We need that now. more »»

Director appreciated

October 9, 2015 EDITOR: It was a sad and emotional day at the Norway-Vulcan Senior Center on Thursday, Sept. more »»

Obama and the refugees

October 9, 2015 EDITOR: Refugee crisis — send them to Hawaii so that the president and his handsome wife can live with the Muslims in close proximity. more »»

Message of economic justice

October 8, 2015 EDITOR: At the World Meeting of Popular Movements in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on July 9, 2015, Pope Francis said “Do we realize that something is wrong in a world where there are so many farm workers... more »»

His grace is sufficient

October 7, 2015 EDITOR: This summer my wife and I had the joy of traveling down U.S. 57 towards Alabama to visit my dad. We have found we stay more alert when we have an audio book to listen t. more »»

Closing veterans office would be unacceptable

October 6, 2015 EDITOR: May we state that the closure of the Office of Veteran Affairs serving the Dickinson County area is totally unacceptable. A Dec. 24 closing is a distinct possibility. more »»

Too many wolves

October 6, 2015 EDITOR: I have been wanting to write a letter for some time now, especially after reading so many letters regarding wolves here in the Upper Peninsul. more »»

DICSA meets this week

October 6, 2015 EDITOR: The Dickinson-Iron Community Services Finance Committee has scheduled their October 2015 meeting for 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. more »»

Post could become a shining example

October 5, 2015 EDITOR: The V.F.W. Post 2891 in Crystal Falls has a reputation of friendliness. You are only a stranger when you come in the door, a friend when you leave. We try to uphold that tradition. more »»

A beautiful American tapestry

October 2, 2015 EDITOR: It’s become common today to demand that anyone coming to this country must “assimilate”; stop flying foreign flags and dressing and worshiping strangel. more »»

Make the right choice for community

October 2, 2015 EDITOR: I am not sure what the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners are thinking when they say they rescind on a agreement? The community trusts these elected officials to make the right choice... more »»



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