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We used to stand tall

May 2, 2014 EDITOR: Is the world a better place today than it was say, 5 years ago, 15 years ago, 50 years ago? I have gotten to the point that our world, but most importantly, our country has fallen from grac. more »»

Show their support

May 2, 2014 EDITOR: I am writing to strongly urge my Representative to cosponsor the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act of 2013 (H.R. 1015) and to ask my Senators to cosponsor the Senate Companion, S. 723. more »»

Read the rules

May 1, 2014 EDITOR: I would like to call the attention to the flag that is on display across the street on the south end of Lake Antoine. This would be located on Margaret Street are. more »»

Science is the justification

April 30, 2014 EDITOR: According to the DNR, they are considering another wolf hunt. Why not? It is their responsibility to manage, and the only cost effective way of doing so, is regulated hunting and trapping. more »»

Drug testing welfare recipients

April 30, 2014 EDITOR: So wadaya think, are Floridians superior to Michiganians? More honest, trustworthy, reliable, predominant in every way? How about people from Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, are they... more »»

Hurt by the sequester

April 30, 2014 EDITOR: George Washington “.. more »»

And you will see

April 29, 2014 EDITOR: “Come, and you will see.” John 1:39 Come, and you will see a place where each student is accepted regardless of faith affiliations and is accepted as a child of God. more »»

Increase funding

April 29, 2014 EDITOR: Tobacco kills more people in Michigan than alcohol, auto accidents, drug overdoses, murders and suicides combined, and is still the number one cause of preventable death in our state. more »»

What they fought against

April 28, 2014 EDITOR: This is about the First Amendment, the ACLU, and the FFRF. more »»

Give us a heads up

April 25, 2014 EDITOR: There are rumblings in the community about the Kingsford and Iron Mountain Housing Commissions consolidating. Budget cuts don’t give us answers about why, where, when and how. more »»

We threw God out

April 25, 2014 EDITOR: “What’s happening to our country?” you ask. We threw God out and the Devil rushed in. more »»

Stamp Out Hunger

April 24, 2014 EDITOR: Saturday, May 10, marks the 22nd anniversary of one of America’s great days of giving — the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food drive. more »»

We overthrow with force

April 21, 2014 EDITOR: Our United States Department using its standard MO accuses the Ukraine government and its leaders, in this case President Viktor Yanukovych, of killing their citizens. more »»

No Letters Today

April 19, 2014 ... more »»

Vow of poverty

April 17, 2014 EDITOR: I am writing in reference to an unsigned letter that appeared two weeks ago regarding a teacher that was on vacation. more »»

We crave the guidelines

April 16, 2014 EDITOR: The other day I had to go into Kingsford Woodland Elementary School. I was startled by the poster hanging on the wall. more »»

God I don’t believe in

April 16, 2014 EDITOR: When I was growing up God was like a cruel Santa Claus who not only kept track of whether we were naughty or nice, but he replaced the chunk of coal in the stocking with eternal damnation fo... more »»

Christians should learn more

April 15, 2014 EDITOR: I write today in response to a letter to the editor titled “God is in this country.” The author tries to portray that God is not in this country yet that is clearly not the cas. more »»

Reason for the tax break

April 15, 2014 EDITOR: I’ve enclosed a copy of an email I sent to the director of the Michigan Tax Commission. I’d like other folks to read the letter. I hope you’ll print it. Mr. more »»

Could affect future generations

April 14, 2014 EDITOR: This is a public health notice to all veterans, dependents and families that were stationed at Camp LeJeune U.S.M.C. Base in North Carolina. more »»



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