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Working pretty good for me

December 20, 2014 I’m a Vietnam veteran who voted for hope and change twice. It’s nice to see that our country is doing so much better from where we were six years ago. more »»

It is not an easy job

December 19, 2014 EDITOR, I would like to respond to the letter in the Dec. 6 issue of The Daily News “Again too little too late.” It is not an easy job to keep the roads maintained to the standard that pleases you. more »»

A precious commodity

December 19, 2014 EDITOR, The holidays are an excellent time to teach your child about family, money, budgeting, and values. Set a budget for them, for example say you will give them $25 to spend on Christmas. more »»

65 years of Camp Molinare

December 18, 2014 EDITOR, In 1946, the first 4-H camp was held in the Sawyer Lake County Park in the caretaker’s house. The boys slept on the porch and the girls in the house. more »»

Ignorance, humility, blame, and vulgarity

December 17, 2014 EDITOR, This letter is in response to the individuals who drove up to me on Dec. 11 in the parking lot of Super One Foods/Midtown Mall. more »»

Independents are fed up

December 16, 2014 EDITOR, An open letter to Republicans and Democrat. more »»

Satan will be defeated

December 15, 2014 EDITOR, To all nations of the world, leaders and all its inhabitants: I am writing this letter to every person who is alive, who values life and who wants to make this planet a better place to live,... more »»

Remember the reason

December 15, 2014 EDITOR, With the holidays upon us and all the festivities, remember the reason for the season. Worship in your own way and a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year to one and all. more »»

Noxious, smelly exhaust fumes

December 13, 2014 I note where the Dickinson County Hospital campus is to become a smoke free campus. Noble action I guess. more »»

Speaks for itself

December 12, 2014 EDITOR, Concerning the allegations being made against Bill Cosby by a number of women, it really doesn’t surprise me. more »»

Help prevent animal cruelty

December 12, 2014 EDITOR, I would like to warn readers not to put animal cruelty on their shopping lists this year. The holidays are a busy season for puppy sales. more »»

Essence of the tree

December 11, 2014 EDITOR, When I was a quite young my older brother was driving me somewhere. We drove down a ramp onto a freeway in Grand Rapids. more »»

The knowledge of the truth

December 10, 2014 EDITOR, God of this world? How many of you have ever heard this verse in the Bible? Do you know who is being spoken of in this verse? Yes, it speaks of the “God of this world,” which God is that in... more »»

Don’t take it away

December 10, 2014 EDITOR, I have friends and patients who have insurance for the first time in their lives. more »»

Support the gas tax bill

December 9, 2014 EDITOR, It is time we paid the fiddler. Gov. Snyder’s need to increase the gasoline tax rate is justified and I’ll explain why. There are several states which freeze solid, Michigan included. more »»

Are you listening?

December 9, 2014 EDITOR, My concerns concerning our 2015 Dickinson County budget. It was posted in the Daily News on Nov. 11, 2014 and was the size of a 2-1/2x3-1/4 ad, the smallest I have ever see. more »»

Made to sound true

December 8, 2014 EDITOR, Another phony climatologist, grant seeking and greedy UN Diplomat mobsters, seeking billions in carbon taxes. I couldn’t believe the article in The Daily News, Dec. more »»

From the ringer’s side of the bell

December 6, 2014 It’s that time of year again when we hear the familiar bell ringing as we approach some stores. I am one of those ringers and have been for over 25 years in different communities. more »»

Help is here for you

December 5, 2014 EDITOR, So I get this phone call, offering to help me sign up for “Obamacare.” Since I already have Medicare, I hung up. more »»

Make room for Jesus

December 4, 2014 EDITOR, You have read this many times. There’s a story about a minister who gave the same sermon week after week, after wee. more »»



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