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State police respond to thousands of calls

February 4, 2010
By LISA M. HOFFMANN, Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN - Eleven of the 13 Michigan State Police Posts in the U.P. issued police reports on thousands of calls for service in 2009.

The calls range from car-deer accidents to homicide investigations.

The Iron Mountain Post responded to 1,262 calls for service.

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Trooper Brad Lammi of the Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post uses the squad radio. The post responded to more than 1,000 calls for service in 2009.
Lisa M. Hoffmann/Daily News Photo

A significant number of these included assistance to other agencies for complaints, including everything from homicides to advanced accident investigations.

The post was involved in several breaking and entering complaints, embezzlement and/or fraud investigations, a felon in possession of a firearm threatening other person and a few natural death investigations.

Public safety and service to Dickinson County resulted in 32 patrol arrests and 118 investigative counts

Troopers issued 881 traffic citations, including 71 seatbelt citations and 1,326 verbal warnings.

Forty-six fugitives were arrested and 64 warrants were cleared.

There were 151 car/deer crashes reported to the post.

Trooper John Flitton said in his 14 years with the state police, the numbers are typical.

"There was no influx of any particular incidents or events," he said.

Iron River Post's largest investigation resulted in 70 complaints filed against former funeral director Terry Langenberg. He was later convicted.

In addition, the Iron River Post responded to 862 calls for service in 2009. Troopers issued 557 traffic citations, including 53 seatbelt citations and 823 verbal warnings.

There were 28 patrol arrests and 189 investigative counts and 25 fugitives were arrested and 34 warrants were cleared.

There were 139 car/deer crashes reported to the Iron River Post.

A significant homicide investigation in 2009 by the Stephenson Post resulted in the conviction of two suspects for felony murder. In addition, the post responded to 1,614 calls for service in 2009.

An April trial is scheduled for the remaining suspect.

Troopers at the Stephenson Post provided public safety and service to Menominee County, resulting in 60 patrol arrests and 97 significant investigative counts. Troopers issued 845 traffic citations, including 206 seatbelt citations and 1,296 verbal warnings. Ninety-four fugitives were arrested, and 92 warrants were cleared.

Other U.P. posts reports:

- Gladstone Post responded to 1,589 calls for service in 2009.

A major cooperative criminal investigation conducted with the Delta County Sheriff's Department during the year resulted in one subject being charged with nine counts of receiving and concealing stolen property and two counts of home invasion, totaling over 100 items of property being taken, with the majority being stolen firearms. The same subject is also a suspect in over 100 burglaries in the area, spanning an eight to 10 year period.

Troopers at this post provided public safety and service to Delta County, resulting in 94 patrol arrests and 81 investigative counts. Issued were 1,918 traffic citations, including 282 seatbelt citations and 1,350 verbal warnings. In addition, 26 fugitives were arrested and 36 warrants were cleared.

- Calumet Post responded to 1,469 calls for service in 2009. One particular call for service awarded two post troopers with a lifesaving citation for administering an AED and performing CPR which saved a Houghton County man's life.

Troopers provided public safety and service to residents and visitors of Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, resulting in 99 patrol arrests, 181 investigative counts, arrested 39 fugitives which cleared 56 warrants. Additionally they issued 716 traffic citations, including 57 seatbelt citations, issued 1,575 verbal warnings and provided roadside assistance to 116 motorists.

- Manistique Post responded to 1,103 calls for service in 2009. There were 22 patrol arrests and 65 investigative counts in Schoolcraft and Delta counties. Troopers issued 567 traffic citations, including six seatbelt citations and 379 verbal warnings. Twenty-one fugitives were arrested and 27 warrants were cleared.

- Negaunee Post responded to 3,753 calls for service in 2009. A significant number of investigations conducted by the post personnel resulted in 115 felony and 293 misdemeanor arrests. Troopers continued to provide public safety and service to Marquette County, resulting in 115 patrol arrests and 327 investigative counts. Troopers issued 3,034 traffic citations, including 209 seatbelt citations and issued 4,752 verbal warnings. There were 105 arrests for operating while impaired, 152 fugitives were arrested, which cleared and/or satisfied 209 outstanding warrants.

- Munising Post responded to 835 calls for service in 2009. Troopers at the post provided public safety and service to Alger County, resulting in 18 patrol arrests and 90 investigative counts. Troopers issued 492 traffic citations, including eight seatbelt citations and 743 verbal warnings. Twenty-five fugitives were arrested and 37 warrants were cleared.

- St. Ignace Post responded to 1,236 calls for service in 2009. A significant breaking and entering complaint at the Mystery Spot resulted in suspects being uncovered through trooper investigation. A search warrant of the suspected house was conducted with several hundred stolen items being recovered, including an ATV.

Two suspects were arrested, and this complaint helped solve other crimes that occurred in the area and in Chippewa County.

Public safety and service in Mackinac County resulted in 108 patrol arrests and 156 investigative counts in 2009. Troopers issued 1,712 traffic citations, including 108 seat belt citations and 1,255 verbal warnings. Forty-nine fugitives were arrested and 52 warrants were cleared.

- Sault Ste. Marie Post responded to 4,462 calls for service last year. A significant child death complaint arose in December 2008. The majority of the investigation on that case took place in 2009. The initial complaint was taken as an accidental death, and the investigation resulted in the mother of the two and a half year old child being charged with open murder and a 20 year possession of morphine charge as well.

The mother is currently being held at the Chippewa County Jail awaiting trial tentatively set for spring of this year.

In 2009, troopers provided public safety and service to Chippewa County, resulting in 95 patrol arrests and 223 investigative counts. Issued were 1,741 traffic citations, including 83 seat belt citations and 4,439 verbal warnings. Forty-eight fugitives were arrested and 62 warrants were cleared.

- Wakefield Post responded to more than 1,200 calls for service in 2009. A significant number of drug and alcohol investigations resulted in more than 200 felony and misdemeanor arrests.

In 2009, troopers at the Wakefield Post continued to provide service to Gogebic and Ontonagon counties, resulting in 93 patrol arrests and 152 investigative counts. Troopers issued 1,664 traffic citations, including 208 seatbelt citations and more than 2,000 verbal warnings, 31 fugitives were arrested and 45 warrants were cleared.

The Newberry and L'Anse posts did not issue compiled year-end reports.

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