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Breitung Township Schools ready to join e-transcript exchange network

February 11, 2010
By LINDA LOBECK, Staff Writer

KINGSFORD - Breitung Township Schools is getting onboard as part of the state's initiative to join the largest e-transcript exchange network.

It won't be long before current and past students at Kingsford High School can go online to make their transcript requests.

The state of Michigan has joined other states in utilizing grants to fund three-year initiatives for public and private schools.

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Breitung Township Schools is moving ahead with the latest technology and will soon be offering e-transcripts for seniors and former graduates. Shown here going over the website for Docufide’s Secure Transcripts are Jean Constantini, standing, director of technology and Michelle Kleikamp, seated, of the Kingsford High School guidance office. This new technology will allow for requests to be submitted electronically as well as the transcripts being sent to colleges and universities.
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The service is provided through Docufide's Secure Transcripts, which allows any college or university to register and receive transcripts for free.

Kingsford High School, like most other schools, has sent out transcripts and related information by mail. This has created a paper intensive process for the guidance office especially during certain times in the school year. This is most evident when high school seniors are applying to a number of colleges and universities.

Michigan is a part of the region-wide exchange initiative in the Midwest - the Midwestern Higher Education

Compact (MHED). The 10-state area includes Michigan, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota, Arizona, Utah and Alaska.

The process at Kingsford started in late December, according to Jean Constantini, director of technology for the Breitung Township Schools.

"The state started an initiative to get all schools in Michigan to the point where they can e-file transcripts. It's the governor's plan for stimulus money that will help schools get onboard. We are ready to go live with this right now once we get the OK from Docufide. It has been so easy working with Docufide to get this going," Constantini said.

Michelle Kleikamp of the KHS guidance office said that the company is testing the transcript sent out by Kingsford for a template. Once that approval is given, they can get onboard to offer the e-transcript to students.

"The electronic request process for students is so much easier. I will be checking the requests each day and transmitting the transcripts electronically. Even if a school is not taking the transcripts electronically, we can get the request out easily by mail," Kleikamp said.

Constantini and Kleikamp noted that the Docufide template includes such information as the ACT scores, grade point average summary and cumulative grades for 9-11 grade, attendance while in school, as well as other information.

In addition to the high school seniors, the KHS guidance office has been busy with sending out transcripts for last year's seniors who are transferring to another school for the second semester.

"This is something we will be checking online daily. To upload Docufide, it only takes a couple of steps and the transcript can be sent out," Kleikamp said.

Along with transcripts, she added that some schools are looking for a mid-year counselor's report as others who also want an end-of-the-year report. This electronic process can also speed up getting the reports to schools.

Colleges and universities must be registered with Docufide in order to receive the electronic transcripts. "There are a number of schools already on this list in Michigan and this number keeps going up each time we check," Kleikamp said.

"All K-12 schools in the state have to be on board this process by December 2010. As soon as the test engineer lets us know our template is good, we can open our link on the Kingsford High School web page," Constantini said.

And that will be a good thing for the guidance office during this second semester of the school year. "That will be just in time for the next wave of transcripts requests that start coming in for the current seniors. We will be busy with that as well as the final transcripts that need to be sent out to colleges," Kleikamp added.

Docufide will also be providing the school district with reports. "They generate some great information for us as to how many people are using this process, where the transcripts are going, and we can see the progress as to how much this electronic process is being used.," Constantini said.

It took the school district a couple of weeks to set up and now they are finalizing the fields on the KHS transcript with Docufide's template. It will then be on the website as a link - Michigan e-transcript.

Students and former students can click on the link, sign in and register with Docufide. When Kleikamp views the request she will be able to see the list of the schools that the student wants a transcript sent.

"It's a very simple process once you are a registered user," she said.

At this time, the KHS guidance office is not planning to charge a fee for transcripts. Students, once they make a request, will have their transcript to the schools within 1-2 days.

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