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"Home Was Whereever We Were"

Doris Geist remembers Iron Mountain

December 16, 2010
By REGINA M. ANGELI, Books Writer

Doris Geist has written a very candid memoir of her life with her husband Elton, a mining engineer and consultant, "Home Was Wherever We Were." (Xlibris Corporation, 343 pages)

The book begins with the genealogy of both spouses and their courtship in Colorado. She openly discusses her paternal grandfather's admiration for Adolph Hitler and his epic work of propaganda, "Mein Kampf," her father-in-law's syphilis, her husband's infidelity and her personal battle with deafness.

She readily admits to a dislike of the Irish, Roman Catholics, environmentalists and gays - despite her own son's homosexuality and death from AIDS.

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This is the autobiography of an unapologetic Republican - she insists that President Nixon was innocent of any "sins" relating to the Watergate scandal and was very relieved when George W. Bush was declared the winner of the 2000 election.

On a less controversial note, Mrs. Geist relates fond memories of having lived in Iron Mountain during the late fifties and early sixties, which she found to be a very "social city" with many parties and such a great love of the Packers that "when there was a Packer game in Green Bay, most of Iron Mountain's population was in Green Bay."

She attended the famous Ice Bowl game, but wisely chose to remain in the car with the heater running.

Her marriage to Elton required a great deal of travel and she has some interesting memories of their adventures globe-trekking.

May this woman live to have one final adventure - seeing the Packers win another Super Bowl.



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